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I’m finally (almost) caught up to the halfway point... aka; the catch up point in the #buddyread im doing of this book. “dragon charmer” is the second book in the fern capel series by jan siegel. it’s adult fantasy but i think it reads a bit more ya, but this was written in 1999 or 2000 i believe. this book takes place when fern is now 28 years old. in the first book, “prospero’s children” fern is only 16 and she discovers a world of magic, mystery and it’s dripping with atlantean myth! at this halfway point there isn’t much i can say, but i’m so glad to be finally continuing this series. i adored “prospero’s children” and am hoping the series as a whole won’t let me down. it’s only a trilogy so i’m officially halfway!! ••• #ferncapelseries #dragoncharmer #prosperoschildren #harpercollins #voyager #bookstagram #tbr #aprilreads #vscobooks #books #vsco #fantasy #jansiegel

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✨book reviews✨
here is the truth of my experience with white fragility. when i started this book, i thought i was on a journey of anti-racism and that having a deeper understanding of my own whiteness would be another important step on that journey. now that i am finished with the book, i would say that my understanding of my own whiteness is fundamental and that everything else must flow out of that. so i think paradigm-shifting would be a great way to describe my experience. i feel like i have only seen the tip of the iceberg of the effect that whiteness has had and continues to have on my life and identity, but i am eager to dive deeper .
so yes, i would highly recommend, especially if you’re white and don’t think it will do much for you. it will give you the terminology and frameworks you need, at the very least. also don’t be fooled by the delicate subtitle which very much reflects its own premise. the actual material is more like disrupting white supremacy from the inside out 101. i took seven pages of notes. convinced yet ???
“there is no face to save and the game is up .” ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
and if you have white kids, not my idea: a book about whiteness is a helpful companion piece to ongoing conversations about race and privilege with your kids. in my experience picture books almost always make difficult conversations more accessible for kids and parents. it’s not a perfect book, but it definitely helped me articulate some aspects of whiteness that i hadn’t yet discussed with my 6 yo. this is the first picture book i have seen explicitly address this topic but i know it won’t be the last and i look forward to seeing how else it is explored .
the combination of these two books has really driven home for me the importance of verbally processing my experiences with internal and external racism, for myself, my kids, and my community. yes, it’s hella uncomfortable but it turns out my discomfort is kind of the point. i have a lot of room to improve in this area and i welcome feedback .
now that i’ve written a novel, give me your thoughts! have you read either of these ?

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🌸buddy read announcement time! 🌸

thank you to everyone who voted, this month’s pick for the #babbookclub is i found you by lisa jewell! ⠀

after quite a few months of historical fiction, i decided it was time to switch it up and go for a thriller. i love lisa jewell and have heard great things about this one. ⠀

if you would like to join, comment below.⠀

questions about #buddyreads? each buddy read is different. mine consist mostly of an instagram group chat, full of chaos and jokes. i make a schedule with weekly stopping points. each sunday at 8 p.m. est we head to the chat and discuss. there is also a final wrap up post on my page. feel free to ask any other additional questions you may have! ⠀

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April plans! 🦕

just mercy, bryan stevenson. a nonfiction about the american criminal justice system written by the founder of the equal justice initiative. reading this for a buddy read hosted by @idleutopia_reads. 🐦

middlesex, jerffrey eugenides. all i know about this one is it's (1) a multigenerational story about a greek/greek american family in michigan, (2) there's some gender change somewhere at some point, and (3) everyone in the world, including my chiropractor loves this book, and i want to be able to discuss it while i still go twice a week to the chiropractor. 🐋

a woman is no man, etaf rum. a multigenerational story about arab/arab american women living in brooklyn. i've heard incredible things and i really don't want this to have to go on my #unreadbotm shelf. 🐬

maybe in another life, taylor jenkins reid. (not pictured, sitting at the library waiting for me) a young woman is at a bar when she is faced with two decisions: leave with her best friend or stay a little longer with an old boyfriend she ran into. the book explores both storylines and shows the (butterfly) effect of one decision. reading this for a month long tjr readathon hosted by @the.storygraph 🦋

my final april plan is to be able to wear a bomber jacket without a sweatshirt by the end of the month. wishful thinking or nah? 😂

what are your april reading plans? does anyone else love multigenerational novels? 💓

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Hello bookworms👀💗 i am #currentlyreading a curse so dark and lonely by @brigidkemmerer 😋🎉 i‘ve heard so many great things about #acursesodarkandlonely that i am thrilled to read it!😍❤️ once again it is a #buddyread with my partner in crime... sofi! @ofbooksandtwins 😂😂😂 currently on page 35.. and gonna drink that coffee now before going to the doctor.

#ichlesegerade a curse so dark and lonely zusammen mit sofi und ich hoffe es wird so gut, wie alle sagen😊💗 mal wieder ein buch, welches bisher nicht auf deutsch erschienen ist... 🙈sorry. für die, die es trotzdem interessiert: es ist eine adaption von #beautyandthebeast und ich bin nun auf seite 35🎉😊
in welchem wunderland aka buch steckt ihr denn gerade so?😎💗

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This book, along with @theconsciouskid’s recent posts and some related stuff going on in my personal life, has been kicking my b**t all month long. to put it briefly, i’m immensely humbled by how far i still have to go on this journey, but eternally grateful that i get to be on it. and that i’ve got some people reading this along with me because there is so much to unpack here. i’m only halfway through and can already tell it will be one of my favorite books of the year .
what’s a book that has changed you ?
“today we have a cultural norm that insists we hide our racism from people of color and deny it among ourselves, but not that we actually challenge it. in fact, we are socially penalized for challenging racism .”
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My goal this weekend was to put a significant dent in this nearly 600-page book and thanks to the free @hoopladigital app, i was able to listen to about half the book while painting and putting together a bed frame. i’m feeling accomplished. 🙌🏼 now for the other 300 pages! and lots more coffee...⁣⁣⁣
what are you reading on this fine monday?⁣⁣
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Happy monday everyone! it’s bright and sunny out here in the bay area and i’m so excited. ☀️ these are my reads for the week and both are amazing so far!

hard to love is a collection of essays on the different forms of love and embracing the friendships and passions that exist outside of marriage. this book is pretty incredible. briallen is taking these essays in directions i didn’t expect and i’m loving what she has to say.

finally started lucky boy and it’s every bit as engrossing and readable everyone says it is.

i’m also almost done with maybe you should talk to someone. i picked that up on a whim, after i finished just mercy, and it’s a really great read.

what are you reading this week?

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Happy sunday! i'm feeling tired and lazy today, so here is something a little more chill than my usual. 🤷🏻‍♀️😂⁣

it's a bit wet and dreary here right now, but it's starting to warm up and the snow is nearly gone! the past few days i've been able to open the balcony door and let a little fresh air in. penny loves to go out there and sun herself, and tom likes to look out the door. i am really enjoying a little bit of warmer weather, even if it's not as sunny as i'd like. just getting to use the balcony is such a plus!⁣

here are a few books i have upcoming on my tbr in the near future. daisy jones & the six is the #babbookclub pick for april and i've joined a buddy read for the priory of the orange tree for april as well. the others are just for me. 😊⁣

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