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Just got my #brakes done on my #van.. pretty sure i could have gotten at least another 10,000 miles out of these #rotors no #problem. when you're as #ontopofit as me, you make sure you do the #maintenence way before you have to do it just to #playitsafe there's nothing better than a nice #preventative #brakejob.

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Gtr in for brakes #nissan #gtr #r35 #brakejob #thestanceshop🔧

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Got rid of my old rusty stock rotors and brake pads today. really satisfied with the super quick delivery from @rockauto_llc to germany and the material from @powerstopbrakes is awesome, too. #ford #mustang #gt #ponycar #musclecar #americanmuscle #fordmotorcompany #brakes #brakejob #dontjuststop #powerstop #rockauto #germanponycars

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Brake service completed! 👈🏻swipe to see the before pics 🚦#onestopautocarewhittier #whittier #whittierlife #whittiermechanics #brakes #brakeservice #brakejob

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Time for pads and rotors on the ‘09 dodge ram 1500. of course 3 out of 4 rotors were rusted fast and had to be broken loose. if the rain canopy looks familiar scroll back through my other posts. thanks to @dodge_maniac_440 for doing the heavy lifting on this job and to @jrdyer572018 for lunch afterwards! #brakejob #brakesandrotors #brakes #ram1500

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So pretty so new. first brake job. time for maine state inspection. #jeepcheroke #shadetreemechanic #wifescar #brakejob #grandcherokee #iwantacookie

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The “why” is important. this customer said she was told she needed brake pads and over the phone we asked if there was anything else that was going on. “no just the pads”. at first inspection i notice plenty of meat on the pads and ask additional questions because what j**k would tell them they need pads? then we get the “well it shakes a lot when i press the brakes.” 🤦🏻‍♂️ we would have brought the rotors if they mentioned that over the phone. a thorn in the side of any mobile mechanic is having to figure out how and where to get additional parts once they get to your location. so that was worked out but we are still left with the “why” because we don’t want it happening again. a shaking pedal or steering wheel while braking only is a solid indicator that your rotors are warped or damaged. closer inspection revealed this, notice the bottom of the inner pad is much thinner. the pad binded and got stuck in place and created hot spots, warping the rotor. some makes and models use springs to keep the pads away from the rotor to prevent this. but even then, pads typically bind from rust buildup. super important and i can’t stress this enough, new hardware and a little bit of brake grease goes a long way towards preventing things like this from happening. there was no evidence that these pads had been lubricated. if you’re gonna do it, do it right.

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#brakejob ... clean cut ... so sad ... 😰 close call...

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Brake job on 2010 freightliner m2 🙌🏻

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Honestly the worst design ever! well maybe there are worse. gmc colorado front brakes literally need to dismantle both knuckle assemblies just to get the rotors off! anyways short of the long, there was so much rust that i’m just waiting for the customer to come back with abs light in from the front abs sensors! 🤷‍♂️🤭🤢👨‍🔧 #colorado #gmc #gm #truck #brakecheck #brakejob #knuckles #crustyrusty #rust #firstbrakejobever

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Friday broke the bank with this insane #brakejob! #subaruambassadors #nottodaysatan #safetyfirst

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Needed a bj. #brakejob

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New alternator and belts! #autorepair #altenator

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With the weather getting warmer, is your cars a/c ready? if not stop in or call to have yours checked and repaired today! #acrepair #rechargeday

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