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Good morning 😉 what book do you plan on reading before this month ends?

for me i know i must read the cruel prince! i have three copies. it was my most anticipated read for the start or 2018... and i'm failing it 😂

i'm just getting ready to go out and do some food shopping. maybe stop by micheals 🤔 though i totally shouldn't, i can't resist and @bookish_kristie wants to go too so we must 😂

p.s. it's friyay and i hope it's awesome to you 💗 .

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“if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.” {roald dahl}
i love this print from @lucyintheskycreations so much because it reminds me of what i’m always trying to teach my daughters. that true beauty comes from within and a smile is the best accessory.

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Flashback to these shelfies from a year ago. scroll through for some fun closeups.
i usually change up my color order organization every few months. each time i change it, it takes hours and hours of work but i love the process every time!

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Who else is super excited for a reaper at the gates by sabaa tahir!? i (star) seriously cannot wait 😱sweet elias come back to us!! on a side note our mum just started (and finished) reading these books this week and loves them too! pretty sure her and star will end up buddy reading the third instalment 😂what's your most anticipated read? .
day 20 of #aprilbooks18 anticipated new releases

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❝i was seven the first time momma taught me how to be someone else.❞ [synopsis in comments, swipe to see my interpretation of the book + being wayy out of my comfort zone. seriously. i was soooo scared to post it because my face was too close to the camera.]

in her skin by @kimsavagewrites is a dark, suspenseful young adult novel about crime, identity, and two girls with everything to lose. perfect if you love ya mysteries & thrillers!

click the link in my bio to learn more! [giveaway] details below:

enter to win a copy of in her skin
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Strawberry fields forever 🍓 if you've been checking my stories, you'll know that i picked up my first watercoloring set! it's the perfect way for me to disconnect from the world + focus on nothing but what i'm painting. what do you do to disconnect? also, watercolor artists, feel free to share your tips! i will be forever grateful 🖤

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"my biggest fault is that the faults i was born with grow bigger each year."
- haruki murakami.

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‘that kind of self-respect is a discipline, a habit of mind that can never be faked but can be developed, trained, coaxed forth. it was once suggested to me that, as an anti-dote to crying, i put my head in a paper bag. as it happens, there is a sound physiological reason, something to do with oxygen, for doing exactly that, but the psychological effect alone is incalculable: it is difficult in the extreme to continue fancying oneself cathy in wuthering heights with one's head in a food fair bag. there is a similar case for all the small disciplines, unimportant in themselves; imagine maintaining any kind of swoon, commiserative or carnal, in a cold shower.’ 💛 what a joy it was to read didion’s words. from the humorous quote above, to the sublime john wayne, a love song to the riveting on keeping a notebook; this book of essays is a beautiful collection of her thoughts. of course, i fell in love with some essays more than others, but as a whole it’s a didion dream. 🙏🏻💕 #joandidion #slouchingtowardsbethlehem #picadormodernclassics

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Happy friday! i ended up spending entirely too much time on this. 😂 it started out as two books and then one thing led to another. and here we are. i literally took every book off my shelf to make this happen. my rainbow section is completely obliterated, so i’ll be spending a good portion of my night fixing that. 😆
qotd: if you could be friends with any character, who would you pick?
✨ orange, green, + yellow #addlebowtiesapril18 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
@belovedbookkeeper + @_shelb_reads tagged me for the #5femalecharactersidliketobe tag! thank you both! ✨💛
1- hermione granger
2- tessa gray
3- isabelle lightwood
4- aelin galathynius
5- feyre archeron
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My return to indian fiction—after a longish hiatus—with jerry pinto's much-feted "em and the big hoom" was promising at first, but eventually, an underwhelming experience. a debut effort with the unmistakeable intimacy of a memoir, this novel is a portrait of the quotidian terrors and uncertainties of living with and caring for a person afflicted with schizophrenia. the narrative, a first-person account of one such troubled woman's unnamed son, is an amalgam of memories, free-wheeling conversations, diary entries, and (often incomplete) epistles. much of the novel's promise lies in the gentle strokes with which the love story of imelda, the beedi-smoking, tea-drinking, snarky em, and augustine, the sturdy, quiet, pillar of fortitude—the big hoom—is painted. their romance offers us glimpses into the quirks and culture of roman catholic families with portuguese origins, particularly of those who moved from goa to bombay in pre-liberalised india.

but while there is much local colour and idiom to lend it the power of believability, the story is all too soon let down by an absent plot, manifesting itself in a weak final act. the writing is mostly tender, with flashes of delicious wit, but what appears to be an attempt at restraint slips into impotency—a silent death by unnecessary explications, lazy sentences, and limp prose. the poverty of its imagination is best exemplified in the surfeit of questions and aliases punctuating the pages—oddly, for a book about mental illness, it has very little madness about it. while it is laudably brave for pinto to address with much honesty difficult questions about coping with the cruelties of a diseased person, the profundity and pain of it all somehow dissipates on the page, well before it can make its way to the reader. in the end, i was left completely, and regrettably, unmoved.
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🌸 happy saturday, bookworms!! 🌸
qotd: if you could meet any fictional character in real life, who would you want to meet??
do you ever wish a fictional character was real so you could meet them in real life?? i do! i would want to meet all of my favorite characters, including elizabeth bennett, who is my hero. 😊 i would seriously just want to meet everyone, actually. 🤣 what fictional character would you want to meet in real life??
it’s saturday! is your weekend off to a good start?? today i’m starting my re-read of *dumplin’* by julie murphy, to get ready for the release of *puddin’* next month! i am so excited for the *dumplin’* movie that’s coming out soon as well. i hope it’s great!! what are you reading today? and what are your plans for this lovely saturday??
📚 book and plant. #allthebooksapril 📚 it’s stacksaturday time! #aprilinbooks18 📚 most anticipated. #aprilbookstagram18 -
🌸 sooo, what fictional character would you love to meet in real life??
🌸 and, what are you up to do? reading anything great??
have a great saturday, all!!
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"what did i say to you about accusing a woman of weakness? a person doesn't need legs to be strong. i've got enough heart for ten legs, and that'll carry me farther than these limbs ever did." —whichwood by tahereh mafi🌹❄️ -

hi friends, i just got home from manila via 24-hour ship ride. i had so much fun and i'm sad to part with the capital city for now, but i also can't wait to catch up on bookstagram, while i've been gone for a week. i had a huge book haul in manila, both from thrift sales and nbs, and i can't wait to share my purchases with you guys soon! (note: whichwood is part of my haul, and i'm halfway through! it's a wonderful story). anyways, i had fun adventures in manila and i'll be back there soon! 💕 in the meantime, i hope everyone's having a good day, i spent half of mine catching up on sleep 😂

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Check instastories for short excepts on these books 😊. s***w business as usual - ngn1,600
the 80/20 principle - ngn1,300
hbr’s 10 must reads: the essentials - ngn 1,800
also, peep the books at the background 😉
dm or whatsapp 09026869272 to order
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انگار مسیرم تا رسیدن به جایگاه متهم قرار بود تا ابد ادامه پیدا کند و وقتی بلاخره توانستم بنشینم، دیگر نتوانستم جلوِ خودم را بگیرم. قلبم تندتند می‌تپید و بدنم بی‌اراده می‌لرزید. گریه‌ام گرفت و فقط یک کلمه را مدام زیر لب زمزمه می‌کردم: مامان.
فرایند ملال‌آور محاکمه شروع شد ولی من نمی‌توانستم تمرکز کنم؛ انگار از قبل مشخص شده بود که قرار است به اعدام محکومم کنند. من هواپیمای پرواز 858 هواپیمایی کره جنوبی را منفجر کرده بودم. من مسئول مرگ صد و پانزده انسان بودم..."
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Qotd: where would you travel if you could go anywhere? (including fictional places) ****************************************************** i’d probably want to go to velaris! but in real life, i’ve always wanted to go to ireland, being that i’m 50% irish 😉 ****************************************************** #currentlyreading —-> tower of dawn by @therealsjmaas and a time to rise by @nadinebrandes 😍😍 ****************************************************** have a wonderful weekend!!

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🌈 hi @creativechaotics my name is jovana. 🙋 i'm 21yo student from bosnia and herzegovina.
🌈 some of my favorite authors are j.k.rowling, sarah j. maas, nora roberts and guillaume musso.
🌈 i love to take pictures with one or two main colors to keep it simple but yet colorful. i mostly do close up, flat laid photos, which are perfect for bookmarks promotion. 👌😊
🌈 your bookmarks are so gorgeous, and wine glasses are amazing unique idea. i whould love to be your rep, and show your wonderful products to my friends/followers. and of course help your shop grow.😊
🌈 thank you for the opportunity. 💗 💗
#creativechaoticsrep .
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Tarian dua wajah
penulis: s. prasetyo utomo
harga: 55.000
dewi laksmi seperti ditakdirkan sebagai titisan terakhir nyai laras, leluhur di daerahnya yang pada masa silam menjadi penari istana yang amat tenar di seantero negeri. syahdan, dalam perjalanannya sebagai penari, laksmi kelak dipertemukan dengan aji, keturunan nyai laras, yang sejak berusia satu tahun telah ditinggalkan oleh ibu dan ayahnya. ayah aji, sukro, mendekam di penjara akibat terlibat kasus pembunuhan dan perampokan. sementara sang ibu, aya, memilih minggat ke luar pulau, menjadi penyanyi klub malam. bagaimana kehidupan keturunan nyai laras dan bagaimana dewi laksmi bisa menjadi titisan penari legendaris itu?
dirajut dengan gaya cerita realis-imajinatif yang menjadi ciri khas cerita-cerita sang penulis, pembaca seolah dihanyutkan oleh alur cerita dan pertemuan para tokohnya yang tak terduga. inilah novel tentang tari, pilihan jalan hidup, problem keluarga, cinta, keteguhan hati, spiritualitas, hingga mistik. semua kisah itu diukir dengan kata-kata puitis dan disajikan dalam cerita yang apik, menawan, dan penuh inspirasi. *** novel ini menghanyutkan perasaan dan emosi pembaca ke dalam arus dan pusaran cerita yang mengesankan sejak awal hingga akhir.
----- ahmad tohari, sastrawan, penulis trilogi ronggeng dukuh paruk.
gaya penulisan s. prasetyo utomo sangat unik dengan penggunaan kata-kata puitis yang ringan dan dapat mudah dicerna oleh pembaca. proses pembentangan antara cinta dan maut digambarkan secara ganjil, lalu membawa kita ke akhir cerita yang mencengangkan.
----- prof. dr. agus nuryatin, m.hum, dosen pascasarjana ilmu pendidikan bahasa universitas negeri semarang, kritikus sastra.
pemesanan melalui,
📱whatsapp 089665727340
📱line : sastrasemuabangsa
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🌹 new theme 🌹

because it's spring i decieded the go for a new theme: outside bookphotos. i choose for this because i love plants and the nature! i hope you all will like this theme! 😊

i was tagged by the lovely @turningxxpages to do the #vaptvupt tag! thanks for tagging me! 😘

🌹 favorite genre: fantasy 🐲
🌹 last read: the doll's house by m.j. arlidge 🔫
🌹 next book: i think my next read is going to be calendar girl 🌸
🌹 tea or coffee: tea 🍵
🌹 sweet or savoury: sweet 😁
🌹 heroes or villians: villians 💚

that was fun! i really enjoyed this tag! ❤

i hope you all have a great weekend!!! 😘

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#pagesofapril18 🌌 tag 20 verrate ein kleines geheimnis von dir🌌
wie ihr vielleicht wisst habe ich ja seit etwas längerer zeit ein bullet journal. das liegt daran, dass ich irgendwie so einen organisationtick habe😂 ich weiß auch nicht, ich plane so viele sachen.. alltägliche, schule etc. manchmal bin ich von mir selbst genervt, dass ich einfach alles durchplane😂
außerdem bin ich auch noch richtig schüchtern, auch wenn das vielleicht viele in meinem umkreis nicht erwarten, weil ich immer versuche es zu überspielen.. #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #pagesofapril18 #verrateeinkleinesgeheimnis #saveme #booklove #leseratte #buecherwurm #fruehlingsfeed

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Here is your saturday motovational pick me up! never forget that you are not a yellow starburst, you are always a pink starburst. 💖. . . 💖
. .
qotd: what is your favorite candy? . . . 💖
. .
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Waiting... and waiting for tog 7. 😂⠀
i am slowly getting through this series again by audiobook before the last one comes out. 🎧⠀
— ⠀
q. which of these tog books is your favourite and why?⠀
— ⠀
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Happy saturday! .
new review for the weekend: vladimir nabokov’s lolita (continued in comments)

so this was an amazing read.

lolita probably needs no introduction – a lot of people know the premise without ever having read it (the kubrick film certainly helped with this). and, despite this, a lot of people seem to have particular opinions on the “morality” of the book, which is always interesting in a book they've ever read.

literature is a space in which we should be challenged – including our views, understanding of the world – and lolita is one such dislocating book that does exactly that.

it's the story of the “doomed” humbert humbert, a middle-aged professor with an infatuation/ twisted s****l obsession for 12-year-old “lolita.” the important thing to remember about the novel is that it is told entirely from humbert's point of view, apart from a couple of pages at the start from a fascinated and revolted doctor who treated him. the subject matter of lolita is uncomfortable and hideous, but nabokov knows this – this novel is hardly a defence of these desires. it is an interrogation of the delusional lengths to which humbert will go to defend his actions and protect himself from the knowledge of what he is doing – although at the same time he is also incredibly self-aware, but till manages to bypass any ethical scruples he feel to satisfy his urges.

comment 3 star 15 11 minutes ago