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"the darkest minds tend to hide behind the most unlikely face." - the darkest minds, alexandra bracken ¡buenos días book dragons! (o tardes, o noches, dependiendo de en qué parte del mundo estén). the darkest minds (o mentes poderosas, en español) es un libro que he estado postergando por mucho tiempo. ¿sabían que en unas cuantas semanas saldrá la película? así que creo que ha llegado el momento de leerlo. ¿qué libro sienten que han estado posponiendo por mucho tiempo? •

good morning (or afternoon, or evening, depending on what part of the you are 😊). the darkest minds is a book i've been putting off for a long time. did you know that the movie will be released in a few weeks? so i think it's time to read it.

what book do you feel you have been putting off for a long time? •

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With baby knocking at the door (or at least kicking me all the time) it’s hard to focus on anything but his upcoming arrival.
all of a sudden, books about swaddling are all i want to read, i’m cleaning out random drawers throughout the house, and yes i still work but i’m also very much aware that life as i know it is going to change very, very soon.
in the midst of all this anxious excitement and anticipation of my answered prayer come to life, reading fiction still calms me and grounds me in the best way. once baby comes and i take a break from working on my books, i have a feeling i’ll find so much joy in reading to him and sharing my passion for lovely words 💙✨

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Chapter xi

i looked at that ancient figure with a mixture of admiration and surprise.
'who are you?' i asked curiously.
the little satyr emerged from the plants.
'it's the spirit of this island,' he replied with a childlike voice.
'what do you want from me?'.
'there are forces that struggled to keep you from coming here. if you only knew how many things are happening beyond the horizon of your senses ... '.
'you did not answer'.
'the spirit of this island is under siege. men fill the sea with dirt and the earth with cement. the spirit had to come here to find peace. "
'is she the one i have to save?'.
the faun looked at the spirit and they both laughed.
'do you really think you have this power?'.
'so why are you tormenting me?'
'we are only messengers. and now listen to your message '.
the satyr stepped aside with deference and helped the spirit stand up. she was not tall, but she had the authority of a mountain. and with an ancient voice she said:
'you have a mission. you have a great soul and you have to save it! only by saving your soul can you help others to save their own and only in this way can we all save the soul of the world’.
'and what should i do to save my soul?' i asked almost in despair.
'the only thing i can tell you is this: go beyond your senses, follow your heart. you'll find the answers there '.
a noise made the spirit turn abruptly. the satyr jumped away and disappeared among the plants.
'now go, come back to your life. and do what i told you’, said the spirit with the last breath.
and his image began to disappear, as canceled by reality.
the bestial creature that pursued me appeared instead. but he was dressed like a tourist, with shorts and a hat.
'what are you doing here?' he asked me angrily.
'nothing. i'm leaving. "
'it will be better,' he replied, 'and know that i'll be watching you'.
i said nothing and headed for the car.
'go beyond your senses, follow your heart'.
those few words had penetrated me like a sharp knife.

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Cześć, moliki!
ponownie przychodzimy do was z dianą palmer. tym razem j. wzięła się za „zdrajcę”, a jej krótka opinia na temat tejże książki już na blogu. jak pisze j. „diana kolejny raz wprowadziła mnie w swój piękny, urzekający świat. z początku byłam zniesmaczona rozwojem akcji. pędziła niczym rozpędzony pociąg, jednak autorka ponownie popisała się cudownie wykreowanymi bohaterami, co wynagrodziło wszelkie minusy”. ja wciąż nie sięgnęłam po żadną książkę diany, jakoś nie czuję, że mogą mi się spodobać, jednak j. jest ewidentnie zachwycona, więc nie będę zabierać jej tej radości 😃
zaczytanego dnia, kochani, a ja lecę do dalszego pakowania się! 😋

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Buenos días! ☀️ ayer termine este libro y la verdad es que me he quedado sin palabras. no se como es que recién lo leo, pero puedo asegurarles que lo disfrute muchísimo, hasta he gritado de emoción. la pregunta es ¿cómo simon puede ser tan tierno? creo que he amado a cada uno de los personajes, me parecen impresionantes, pero simon!! este libro habla de tantas cosas, pero creo que fuera de todo eso el tema principal es el amor, siempre es el amor y las injusticias de la sociedad ¿por qué se tiene que hacer una montaña para salir del armario? ¿por qué eso no es normal? si aquí lo único que importa es el amor, es por amor que la tierra gira y es por amor que la gente cambia.
en fin, el libro me ha dejado mucho que pensar y a la vez me encanta demasiado.
por cierto, fui corriendo a la tienda a comprar oreos, ya no podía con las ganas que me dejo el libro de comer😂

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How often to you go to a bookstore? once a week? once a month? everyday? personally, i enter a bookstore whenever i come across one randomly and just look if it has any interesting books 📚. this bookshop is called librairie du tiers monde (library of the third world) and it’s located downtown algiers, exactly, at the emir abdelkader square.
________________________________________________ ________________________________________________
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Haloo guys, mulai hari ini sampai tiga hari kedepan, aku barengan @rizkymirgawati dan juga @vicagalli bakalan #ulasbareng sebuah novel dengan cover yang kece abis nih. judulnya between two roses karyanya lucy liestiyo, yang diterbitkan oleh @bipgramedia
sebagai pengenalan, yuk intip blurbnya terlebih dulu.
pertemanan dua gadis yang awalnya baik kini berubah menjadi persaingan di dunia kerja. di balik ketegangan keduanya, mereka sama-sama mengalami kejatuhan yang serupa.
kata orang, hidup menyimpan selaksa teki-teki. apa yang terjadi di antara arnetta dan miranda bukan sekadar benang merah biasa, melainkan benang yang telanjur semrawut.
diam-diam mereka ingin mengurainya, menemukan simpul mana yang kusut. artinya, dua perempuan itu harus merelakan kisah cinta dengan satu lelaki yang menjadi awal kekacauan.
nah nah nah, dari blurbnya saja udah seru kan?. penasaran? tunggu ulasannya besok ya.
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do you have any bookish tattoos? if you ever get one, what would you choose?

i think i’d go with a plain and simple deathly hallows one. i really love triangles (yes, math nerd alert 🤓) and of course love harry potter. seems like a perfect pair to me!
#burnedoutlit - day 19: #flatlay .
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#dailyreview #theothereinstein [day 3]
di swiss, mitza menemukan salah satu mimpinya yang lain. yaitu memiliki seorang sahabat. di serbia dia sama sekali tidak memiliki teman. gadis - gadis seusianya tidak menyukainya. itu karena kepintarannya. meskipun pada awalnya, dia sempat ragu - ragu, takut jikalau kejadian seperti masa kecilnya terulang. pada akhirnya dia mau membuka diri, dan berteman baik dengan ketiga gadis seasramanya, helene, ruzica, milana. kendati demikian, hanya helene lah yang bisa membuatnya merasa nyaman.
hubungannya dengan einstein pun semakin akrab. dan tanpa perlu diundang, einstein sering berkunjung ke asrama mitza. einstein merupakan pemuda yang sangat baik dan penuh pesona, mustahil bagi mitza untuk tidak takluk padanya.
semakin penasaran kan? tunggu kelanjutan kisah mileva "mitza" maric besok ya guys.

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Hello bookworms!
are you ready to add another book to your tbr list? (of course you are!) one cannot not have too many books to read. lol. ✨
i teamed up with the wonderful jacquelyn middleton to bring you the cover release for her new contemporary romance, until the last star fades coming out this fall!
book description:
could you be the one who changes everything?
in her senior year at nyu, riley hope appears to be on top of the world. with a loving mother who makes lorelai gilmore look like a parenting slacker, ride-or-die friends, and a long-time boyfriend destined for the national hockey league, she puts on a smile for the world. but behind it, she’s drowning. racked with fears for the future, she battles to stay afloat amid life in the shadows of a heartbreaking illness.
and then, ben fagan comes crashing into her life. twenty-three-years-old, british, and alone in the big apple after a disastrous pilot season in la, the struggling actor is looking for an escape: booze, mischief, sex—minimum commitment, maximum fun—anything to avoid returning across the pond.
as they form an unlikely bond, riley keeps her reality from ben so that he remains a happy refuge. but how long can she hold back the truth…and is ben keeping his own secrets, too?
from the award-winning author of london belongs to me and london, can you wait?, comes a bittersweet romance about love, loss, sacrifice, and the life-changing decisions we make. until the last star fades will be released by kirkwall books in paperback and ebook on november 8, 2018. .
pre-order information coming soon. add until the last star fades now to your goodreads tbr!!! make sure to follow @jaxmiddleton_author to be in the loop for the upcoming news regarding until the last star fades!
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Pesan? ketik uwuwu~ + kota .
dengan hati riang gembira aku akan membantumu.
pemesanan melalui,
📱whatsapp 089665727340
📱line : sastrasemuabangsa
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Happy thursday y'all! just got home from work and i wanted to share some amazing shelflove news with you! 😊
did you guys know that @shelflovecrate has a limited edition kingdom of ash box available on their shop right now? it's going to include twelve items and will be perfect to accompany the epic conclusion to the throne of glass series! 💜
and did you guys know that @shelflovecrate now also offers a book only option for those who are not interested in the full box but still want to read the book? you can find both of these options on the pre-orders section of the shelflove shop so make sure to check them out! 😄
rep codes don't work for these but you can use my code demmi10 to subscribe for the full august "unlikely heroes" box! it's going to include a special item from @bookmarkd.tattoos and a signed book which sounds absolutely amazing! 😉

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Ayer me llegó de parte del club de embajadoras de sarah lark este regalito❤️ . son unas semillas de un árbol sagrado maorí. si sale algo en condiciones, porque mi mano para las plantas es pésima, os lo enseñaré por aquí dentro de un tiempo.
muchas gracias al club por estos meses de sorpresas y de compartir opiniones y lecturas.
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Aujourd'hui je vais vous parler du premier tome de la trilogie de @pullmanphilip
à la croisée des mondes 1 ; les royaumes du nord.

résumé ;

lyra, jeune fille au caractère insolent, vit dans le prestigieux jordan collège, avec son dæmon pantalaimon. depuis la mort de ses parents. il ne lui reste plus que son oncle lord asriel.
pleine de vie, lyra désobéit... presque tout le temps,jusqu'au jour où sa désobéissance va changer toute ça vie.
elle va découvrir beaucoup de choses qu'on lui cache don l'identité de ses vrais parents.
alors que ça vie se bouleverse, lyra est l**n de retrouver la paix de son enfance innocente.
pour elle et sa moitié,c'est le début d'une
aventure qui ne fais que commencer ... je dois dire que ce premier tome m'a épaté !
je ne m'attendais pas à une lecture si accrochante et passionnante !
malgré le sale caractère de lyra, elle est très attachante. c'est un personnage courageux qui ne baisse pas les bras.

en 2007 on a pu découvrir une adaptation cinématographique réussi, mais qui n'a pas obtenu les audiences voulu. il n'y a donc jamais eu de suite. ce premier tome n'a pour ma part rien avoir avec le film. de la a dire que le livre est meilleure que le film je ne pense pas.
pour ne pas faire scandale, le film a été réaliser sans un détail du livre important. qui se base sur les principes de la religion catholique.

l'histoire est absorbante, remplie de fantaisie et de créatures magique et terrifiantes !
ce livre permet également d'apprendre beaucoup de mots que beaucoup de jeunes ne connaissent pas et je dirai même certains adultes ! 😉
ce livre peut être lu à partir de 10 ans jusqu'à pas d'âge. peut être un peu compliqué pour des enfants de 10 ans je dois dire, certains passages demande plus d'attention pour être compris .
ce livre se lit d'une trait et est vraiment super !
j'ai adoré 😇
je me réjouis déjà de pouvoir commencer le deuxième tome très vite !! aux éditions @foliojr
vous pouvez également (si je ne me trompe pas ) trouver une rééditions sous forme de volume complet - intégrale (qui comporte donc les trois tomes) : aux éditions : @gallimard_jeunesse -chandra📚🎥🍫🌷🌸

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❤️condividiamo un momento di infinito.come nell’universo,non c’è inizio e non c’è fine.siamo e basta.❤️buon pomeriggio miei cari amici lettori 😊🤗eccoci al nostro appuntamento dolce del giovedì,con sweet book ❤️❤️❤️per oggi ho scelto il libro ‘il giardino degli incontri segreti’ di @lucindarileyofficial edito da @giuntieditore 😍un romanzo romantico,dolce,ricco di intrighi,segreti e suspence 🤩purtroppo ho letto solo questo dell’autrice ma in libreria ho in attesa ‘la ragazza italiana’,uno tra i più recenti,che non vedo l’ora di leggere 😍voi avete letto qualcosa di suo?ma poi,come non farsi rapire dalle splendide cover 😍😍😍fatemi sapere,intanto vi mando un forte abbraccio ps:in foto c’è anche il mio bellissimo quaderno (@accessorize )dove ricopio le citazioni dei libri 😉❤️😘❤️ #buonpomeriggio #sweetbook #romanzi #romanzidaleggere #citazionilibri #citazioni #ilgiardinodegliincontrisegreti #lucindariley #giuntieditore #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #bookporn #libribelli #lettureestive #consiglidilettura #booklover #bookaddict #leggeresempre

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Wow july had been a crazy month! weekends fly by and i feel like i never have enough time!! who else feels like this? 🙋🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

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