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Dziś premiera tej książki. 🆕 w japonii wywołała skandal. zła, gorsząca, pełna nieprzyzwoitości. 🤭🤭🤭 tylko że to nie jest prawdziwie gorszący element tej powieści. przeczytałam wiele recenzji po wyrobieniu sobie własnej opinii i nigdzie nie znalazłam tego, co sama zauważyłam. 🤷🏻‍♀️jest jeden bardzo, bardzo perwersyjny i mroczny motyw… 😈 kto ciekawy, zapraszam po recenzję na bloga. i miłego popołudnia dla was! .
the book was a scandal in japan which resulted in the novel being banned there. but as i finished reading it, i concluded that no-one truly discovered the darkest undertone lying beneath the surface promiscuity… there is dark love here, ladies and gentlemen. a dark secret and truly improper lust.

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Birthday book haul! the hp set (swoon!!!) and the books with the covers facing out were presents from my husband and the books with the spines out were from my birthday bookstore trips (all used except for long way down which i got with store credit!). 😊❤ thank you to everyone for the messages and comments and shoutouts for my birthday! it really made my day! 🤗

i'm contemplating a book ban from now until the end of the year. but um, after i go to the library sale member night with @chattithebrave tomorrow! 😂🤷‍♀️ #himynameischristineandiamabookaddict .
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You know those days you wish you could just say "nope, i'm done" and then go hide away with all your favorite things until adulting isn't quite so hard anymore?
today was one of those days. actually, the last week has been one of those weeks.
so today, with the unfortunate delay on the planner preorder (see my stories for details), i decided i needed to switch things up, do something a little silly and take my mind off life. so i stopped my work day an hour early and had some fun.
enter: the blanket fort. i don't want to brag or anything but...this thing is kind of epic. all it's missing is a fairy lights ceiling and it would be perfect. but for now, i've got a ton of pillows and blankets, a p*t of my favorite tea, netflix, and a ton of books. so i'm set to avoid being an adult for a while. 😂💁
what do you like to do on the days when adulting has got you down and you need a pick me up?

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A portrait of the artist at work
i'm so thankful that most of my days are starting to look like this. i'm diving headfirst into this new novel and realizing just how much i've missed the feeling of creating. whether or not you're a writer, what are your creative goals for this month?

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Hallo ihr lieben! 💕 heute gehts mir schon viel besser! vielen lieben dank für die ganzen genesungswünsche unter meinem letzten post. 😊 .
so langsam füllt sich mein regal übrigens 😍 und es wird definitiv mal wieder zeit umzuräumen 😂🙈 ich glaub das mach ich morgen mal 😍 und ich muss unbedingt die regalbretter anders anordnen, weil ich einfach mehr hardcover und broschierte bücher als taschenbücher habe 🤷🏻‍♀️ das ist das einzige das mich an den billyregalen nervt 😂 wie macht ihr das denn? habt ihr da auch so probleme damit? 🤔 .
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Hello book bugs!
stop for a moment and enjoy these two gorgeous book covers that just give me all the fall vibes. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
for those who have not seen my story, i was in a fairly nasty car accident on monday night which totaled my car. i am grateful that is all i lost. while i have very minor physical injuries, i am fine. thank you all from the bottom of my heart who have reached out with prayers and well wishes. i'm hosting a shoutout (see my other post for details) to say thank you and cause i haven't done one for a while!
tell me two things you are grateful for today!
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Guten abend ihr lieben 😍❤️
anzeige reziexemplar | gibt es ein buch das ihr unbedingt im herbst lesen möchtet? bei mir ist es #thalamus von #ursulapoznanski 😍
ich war zwar von dem buch 'layers' von der autorin etwas enttäuscht, aber dennoch mochte ich ihren stil, weswegen ich hoffe das mich thalamus umhauen wird. die story klingt spannend und etwas düster. perfekt für die jahreszeit! 😍❤️
habt ihr den neuen poznanski schon gelesen?❤️
welches buch steht auf eurer to-do oder wunsch -liste?
habt einen feinen abend ❤️

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What book are you counting down to at this very moment?! we feel like we’ve been waiting for this contemporary from @taherehmafi forever and now it’s finally here! #averylargeexpanseofsea is beautifully written, poignant, funny, and just so good 💙

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What were stuck on a desert island and could only have one book? what would you choose?!?! 🤔🏝

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October 2018 #riotgrams no. 11 is #favoritefemalecharacter. it's really difficult for me to pick one favorite of anything most of the time, especially when it comes to books. there are just too many amazing females in literature. here i have my favorite from childhood. i wanted to be #pippilongstocking. not just because she had no parents present to answer to, but because she lived with a horse, was smarter than most adults & was fiercely loyal to her friends. she was weird & she cared not one bit what others thought of her. this edition of the book is my favorite because it's illustrated by @laurenchildthatsme, creator of #charlieandlola whom i absolutely adore! then there's #hesterprynne who is about as badass as they come, imho, standing up to the tyrannical puritan patriarchy. she is the original #nastywoman of literature & #nathanielhawthorne created her during a time when women in the us, particularly in new england, were finding their voices & standing up to the male establishment. lastly, a recent read for me, @kristinhannahauthor 's #thenightingale features a heroine in isabelle rossignol whom i find to be a woman of unmatched bravery & courage. she is a new favorite of mine, as is her real-life inspiration, andree de jongh, who worked with the belgian resistance to get downed airmen to safety.

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“if you don't see the book you want on the shelves, write it.” - beverly cleary 🤓💕

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Wedding season means a lot of ✈️ for me. not the best environment for my brain to function creatively (especially when i’m beat from all the 🎉) but it’s perfect for tackling my 📖 list from my editor, so that’s how i’ve been moving forward until i have more weekends at home 📝 👩‍💻

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My editor @bemoretree recommended a few books that i should read as i begin my next draft. she suggested ones thematically “near” my book and it’s been such a helpful exercise to inspire me in new ways and to gain a fresh perspective on my own writing. 📖
sometimes when you work on something for so long you’re too close to it, so this has been a great way to step back and widen my lens before focusing in again. 🧐

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"you can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me." - c.s. lewis 📚 ☕️ 💕

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I'm so excited about my new book!! 📚today is #booklaunch day and my echo ridge romance collection is here!🎉 all 4 books in one! come read with me!
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If you think the world is lost to technology 💻 and “nobody reads anymore” search #bookstagram and let your mind be blown by the amazing bookworms 🤓 🐛sharing their 📚 love one #shelfie at a time. here’s a (his & her 💑) shelfie of my own! 😘

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I'm very guilty of looking ahead, of wanting to be there, to be published, to be legitimate and taken seriously as an author. i'm working on slowing down, soaking up the beauty of this process of being on my way, in a very real way, for the first time. 🙏sometimes you have to look around and realize where you are is exactly where you always hoped to be. 💕

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Writing sometimes feels like sculpting a statue from marble. when i started, i wrote as much as i could to have a starting point, a block of stone. over time i've chipped away, and the characters are becoming more alive, like they were waiting for me to chisel through and set them free.
this weekend i got to dig into the feedback from my editor and i feel like i can see the statue within so much more clearly. it's an incredible feeling to have direction after being at a standstill, but chiseling a human form from stone is no small feat and i still have a long way to go and a lot of days that look that look like this ahead. 💻🖍📚

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A professional edit includes an in-depth edit letter (which can be anywhere from 3 pages to 30 pages) with big picture and high level areas for improvement, and if you're lucky enough to work with the brilliant @bemoretree, you also get utterly fantastic notes throughout your manuscript like this one catching the one instance that my characters used the word "chill" a decade too early in history. 👏👏👏🤓🧐😍

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😳 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
this was my first book from chevy stevens and i devoured it. my friend and i read it at the same time and just kept texting each other, “this book!!” ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
i was hooked from the beginning and it never slowed down for me. parts were brutal and hard to read but that left me wanting to continue to find out what would happen next. i even got teary-eyed at the end.
have you read it? what other chevy stevens books do i need to read?
synopsis in comments.
trigger warning: abuse and r**e

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I used to be very anti-kindle (because, real books!) but nothing beats it for traveling. i love to have extra books on hand without lugging them around for when i inevitably finish one early (because, 📚🤓 ) but it's still not the same as curling up with a well loved paperback. anyone else feel me??

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Can you ever have too many copies of your favorite book? the answer is no. 🤓 what’s yours?

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#tfw you send all of your materials to your editor and she replies saying the color coded chapter outline "warms her ocd heart" and your soul is full to bursting because you are home 😍#wcw

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Happy galentine's day to all my ladies, especially my og writing squad. i've been reading bad poetry to @michellemerklin since '93, @domsthebom39 handwriting is in the margins of all of my best work, @ramsaymk filled my first 📖 with encouragement post-its, and @carolynnybinny is my sage publishing/life guide and knows even more about my characters than i do. i am so lucky to have you, and all my beautiful genius unicorn mermaid gal pals, in my life! ❤️💁‍♀️💃👩‍❤️‍👩🧜‍♀️❤️

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When i’m writing, i tend to stop reading as much so i can stay focused. i start working with my editor in march, so this break calls for a lazy saturday in bed with one off my (endless) library list. 📚

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I officially hired an independent editor (aka fairy godmother) for my manuscript!! it took time to find the right match because it's such an intimate, soul-baring and invaluable relationship. bo was disappointed to not get the gig, but honestly he'll say anything i want to hear for a treat.
these editors have to want to work with you too, and if they don't feel your work has merit or interests them, they can say hard pass and move on (which some did). but each one i talked with is brilliant and has worked with incredible authors, which was very intimidating/encouraging, and made it hard to choose. in the end i went with my gut, and picked the one who felt most like a partner on this long and exhilarating road. here we go!

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I always thought it was romantic to write a book in a little cafe, like jk rowling at, which i visited while backpacking through edinburgh, like many do, to see the place where she brought harry potter to life. 👸😍
i bought this mug three years before i wrote my first book, and daydreamed of being a real writer. but turns out being a writer, like most things, is not glamorous or romantic. it was me in bed at 6 am with my laptop, hammering out chapters before my day job (my brain is useless anytime after 3 pm), or on weekends when i would much rather be outside with friends. it was telling @j_neff_ i would be able to do something fun in 30 minutes, to look back at the clock hours later and realize i was still too in the zone to stop anytime soon. 👩‍💻
for every jk rowling, there are thousands of writers like me, wondering if they will ever make it. but every day i work on it, and i keep that mug on my bookshelf, and let myself dream. 💃

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Of all the reasons to write a book, getting out of yard work is in my top five. bo and i did a lot of revising this spring! 🤣 thanks for all the support and sweating for the greater good @j_neff_ ! 😘

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Hello, lovelies!
i am so tired you can't even imagine. i've been studying french phonetic all afternoon long and i had two lessons this morning which killed me.
in the picture you can see the italian edition of magnus chase and the gods of asgard, one of the best trilogies ever written.
rick riordan is and will forever be one of my favourite authors, because he is able to put diversity in his book without it seeming forced or stereotyped, like most other people tend to do!
q: top 3 best trilogies of all times?
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