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Have you ever felt like you didn't fit in? .. feeling like you don't fit in is different from feeling excluded. .. there are plenty of moms you get along with and can hang out with but more often than not you just don't fit in. .. so what do you do? .. click on the link to the blog in the bio .. let me know your thoughts!

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@afriwarebooks is the latest #bookstore to carry the #brownmama mindset. this book is for all moms who have considered perfection when #love is enough- more true words have never been spoken thank you to @iamdiamonte for writing those beautiful words in the preface of thr book ❤🖤💚
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I attended a conference this weekend and one of the panelists in a session talked about wsdp. write stuff down and then prioritize. such a great time management tip!
it’s a great way to get stuff out of your head and on paper and that helps get you going. you don’t want things swirling in your head because it can be hard to focus and manage your time.
you want them out and ready for the next step. and, let’s be honest, prioritizing is important. it helps you figure out what to tackle first and then what comes after that.
how do you know what you need/want to work on first? any tips on managing your time?

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What a day!!

our god weaves lives together to show his love and bless us through one another.

we set up the book table in the corner of @royerspiehaven and spent the afternoon, laughing, listening, sharing, praying, and eating the best pie in texas.

tell god your dreams. ask him which way you should go. walk in the path he clears for you and you will be like a well watered garden. you will experience joy, freedom, and peace - the very things you thirst for most.

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Of you're looking for a great book for the littles this christmas...check out my friend kimberly's how to scare a monster!
easy for new readers and great to dismiss any monster fears!
she's not only the author but the illustrator as well!
book 2 is coming soon!
head over to amazon and get yours today!


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Ana gonçalves apaixonada desde sempre pela leitura, nasceu há 35 anos em castelo branco, empregada forense de agente de execução. é mãe de um amável menino de 8 anos. após ter lido vários géneros literários e num momento de inspiração decidiu tentar a sua sorte na escrita.
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Great night out with my husband at the #halloffame dinner for the @utexasmccombs. so inspirational to see these leaders in business who are also doing amazing things at mccombs, @utaustintx
austin, and their communities.
i’m thankful for nights like this one where we got to enjoy each other’s company away from kids. (plus, we got to dress up!) we try to connect for at least 10-15 minutes each night once kids are in bed. we do at home date nights regularly. a few times a month we actually do a real date night with a sitter and all. it takes effort, but it’s effort i’m more than happy to put forth.
how do you keep that connection alive with your significant other?

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What is your definition of self care? .. self care can be as simple as going outside to take a few deep breaths or listening to an audio book while folding laundry! .. check out the latest blog post about 3 ways to get started on self care without feeling selfish! .. btw have you seen my igtv videos? so exciting!

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Here is my final post with quotes. i am not an instablogger, i am just an author of “lifehack for moms” book :) i was happy to share some quotes here and hope you enjoyed them. and if you or some of your friends #soontobeparents, you know what to do. just find my ebook on and read it!  and here is my promise: you will become more confident and happy.
probably, my optimistic words will make someone think that i was blessed with a perfect child. or that, while i was writing this book, i got firmly hooked on phenazepam. or that my baby was always calm and happy, sleeping according to a schedule, his teeth came out all at once and without any problems. or that i had a nanny… no, it was not like that. there were hard days and even harder nights. sometimes after a month spent together with the baby and his teething i waited for my husband to return from his shift like for bruce willis who is here to save the world.

however, all such moments, as any other difficulties in life, will pass. with every passing month it becomes easier, more interesting and more fun. every stage of the baby’s life comes with some little joy, a gift for the mommy for all her commitment and care. first smile, first "ma-ma", first steps towards mommy, first flower for mommy torn out from the flowerbed. you will forget all the difficulties. but these gifts will stay in your memory forever.

i really hope that this book will inspire you. inspire you to worry less and enjoy more. to have more time for everything and time for yourself. to accept difficulties and overcome them. to not wait for a mysterious something but enjoy every moment in the present. to smile at everything that a new day brings.

this book is a gift for all mothers. loving, loved, beautiful, sleepy and endlessly happy!

thank you,

maria savina 
the author of lifehack for moms book.
#iamnotablogger #helloinstamoms :-))

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#thankfulbookworms - day 5 bookworm match. this first title by @sarahmaewrites and @sally.clarkson was such a timely read for me a couple of years ago. i had 2 little boys and a whole lot of crazy hormones and there was just a tad of desperation in me every day! then along came this book offering hope - one of my very favourite ideas! as i read, it felt like sarah was with me in the trenches and sally was offering me a lifeline. 😊 i have matched this title with one by another mum - @tshoxenreider. i listened to this inspiring mum adventure on audio, enjoying tsh’s tales about her family’s amazing backpacking world trip! it offered a kind of hope too. one that reminded me that life is for the living - no matter where in the world you find yourself and i guess, no matter what season you find yourself in. #thanksladies #blessedbybooks #home #hope #booksformums #booksformoms

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I was suspecting it but now it’s confirmed after i read this book that i am a helicopter parent. i need to work and change that so if you see my kids or chickens free-range please know i am not neglecting them, i am just trying to grow some independent little humans. #greatread #booksformoms #family #momgoals #momlife

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The excellent wife is still available. the other three have sold. .
four paperback books for women in good to very good condition. for the children’s sake and the excellent wife are almost like new. the back cover in the hidden art of homemaking has been bent, and the cover of stepping heavenward has bubbled. $4 each .
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I had a wonderful conversation with @guidancewithlove for her empathic parent podcast. her questions were incredibly thoughtful and thought-provoking.
sometimes what's holding us back from reaching out for help as working parents is understanding how to offload something. you know you need the help, but you’re not sure who to ask for help or how to even start the process. instead of getting that help, you simply keep doing the task. you never offload what you know you need off your plate.
as a working mom, this could be something related to the personal or career side.
i share more offloading responsibilities (it’s not only tasks) and creating more intentional work -life balance in my interview with colleen’s. check out our conversation via the link in the bio header for @guidancewithlove .
what have you gotten off you plate? what was your biggest challenge in making that happen? any tips on making that an easier process so that other working moms can learn from you?

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This is actually one of the chapters in my single moms devotional. as single mothers especially those with absentee fathers there is alot of resentment and wondering why we are left carrying the burden alone. wondering why the father cannot be better or wanting to fix the mistakes of the past. my advice to you is to remember you can only do what you and do and as long as you are doing right by your child then who cares what the other person is or is not doing. the only person you can control is yourself. not other people, so just focus on making yourself happy, and doing what you have to do as a mom and makibg your life better doe you and your child. forget the past mistakes that you may have made and move on from all the drama that is not conducive to your own personal growth. check the link in my bio to get the first chapter of my single moms devotional for free. #singlemoms #singlemomblogger #christiansinglemama #christiansinglemom #singlemomdaily #booksforsinglemoms #dailydevotional #singlemomswag #singlemomproblems #singlemomdevotional #singlemomswhopray #singlemomswhohustle #singlemomswhorock #booksformoms #singlemomlife #singlemomlifestyle #singlemomlove #wedowhatwemust

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Happy national author’s day! authorship is no easy task, but i suppose that’s part of what makes books so powerful. they’re someone’s heart, someone’s vision, someone’s cry, someone’s joy, someone’s glimpse of humanity on the page. that’s a beautiful thing. humbled and grateful to be part of the author ranks! (also, confession...that nice, pretty, delicious looking cup of coffee is really just the last half cup of my long-ago cold coffee dumped into a fresh mug and filled up the rest of the way with water 😂😂 #picturesarerarelyasperfectastheylook #momproblems )

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Whatcha reading wednesday! 📚
you guys, i have to tell you about this book from sarah mackenzie of @readaloudrevival ! it’s been on my to-read pile for months, and i should have picked it up long before now. it is fascinating!!
you all know that i’m a huge fan of reading and champion of books. but even i didn’t fully realize the enormous benefits of reading to our kids — even (especially) after they can read for themselves.
i could go on and on about this book, and one of these days i probably will. but for now, let me just say, you need to read this book! (and, there’s a huge list of book recommendations in the back that alone is worth the price of admission.)
your turn: what are you reading this week?

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