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What are you doing friday night? gonna be in the bronx? come experience some great #caribbean lit. hear the readings, buy a book, or two or three ...
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Wanna create a personal brand. read this and execute with passion and enjoy the journey of getting famous and creating a family of similar interests.
thanks to @garyvee for writing this book which gives you a loud and clear idea about how to create your personal brand without losing your job.
this book proves you that you could do it no matter what stage you are in.

in some chapter, you can easily relate to your story and at some place, you will feel like "why the hell am i not doing that ?". after reading this book you are left with no excuses because there are people who did this even in a more worst situation as compared to yours. i love the efforts done by the great entrepreneurs who inspired me for creating something for my friends who have no idea what the life is all about.

i'm that kind of person who is working to discover the best version of himself and wanted to create a family which always lift, inspire and help others in finding their best version.

reading a book 📔 is one of the most underrated ways in this process. now i love reading books and slowly developing the habit.
what you guys reading right now..?
also, let me know how you developed your habit of reading.
you guys are awesome.

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Books are uniquely portable magic...
never stop reading books... because
today a reader.. tommorow a leader...
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Flash sale! free today! it was the night she didn’t make it back. #shesnotcominghome #philipcoxbooks #kindlebooks #readinthesun #instareads #bookreaderzone #freedownload #bookstagram #ebooks

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