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I can't believe i forgot to post my unboxing!! what kind of person am i!? i'm excited that i got this box, cause the book has actually been on my list to read, so score! and then my mom actually claimed one of the items as hers... so i'll never see that one again😪
here's what to expect in this months @owlcrate 📦 a bath soak inspired by the diabolic (my favorite read)
📦 fingerless gloves!
📦 a ceramic mug inspired by harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban (the item i will never see again)
📦 apple mint lip balm inspired by the kiss of deception 📦 a beautiful art print inspired by shades of magic
📦 and 🥁🥁🥁🥁 a signed exclusive copy of mirage by somaiya daud!
i'm quite pleased with this box and am super excited for next months box!
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Happy first day of fall!! it’s the most wonderful time of the year!
🍂 what is one book you really want to read during the fall season? please let me know!
🍂 i have two i really want to get to! i’ve finally started reading the grisha trilogy and only have ruin and rising left. definitely want to finish that up! and a new release i really want to read is sadie by courtney summers. it sounds so intense!
🍂 photo by @scribeinspired
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Happy saturday! is everyone having a good weekend so far?
our magic & mayhem boxes started shipping early 🎉 we began planning this box over 6 months ago, so to have it now on its way to everyone is honestly so exciting for us
if you have any queries or issues to do with your order, please do drop us an email at & we’ll get back to you asap!
thanks to @howlingpages for the pic of the necklace & lanyard from our august box!
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Check out the full video of the unboxing of an indian book subscription box, @tbb_box click on the link in bio

do like, share, comment and subscribe to the channel for more such videos.
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"imagination is everything."
oh no, i think i'm lost in mirkwood! someone please help me before those big scary spiders capture me 😭😂 but at least this magical book box called @owlcrate is still with me, i'm very glad, i could spend my time reading books & use the goodies to protect myself 🙈 the november theme of @owlcrate box is really sumps up my situation, the book will inspire you about overcoming great odds + surviving no matter what! it will available to order around mid-october, i'm so excited! make sure to use "feano10" for a discount ❤
you're suddenly transformed to one of your favorite fictional world, you grab and bring the object to your left now, where would you be? and what would you bring? 🙈

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Coffee & m****r mysteries! does it get any more perfect than that? i absolutely adored my march @bookofthemonth pick, "the last equation of issac severy" by @novawjacobs. and for a little icing on the cake, it was set in my current home town of #losangeles! ❤️ #bookbox #botm #owlcrate #coffee #coffeeandbooks #readersofig #readersofinstagram #dayglowcoffee #bookporn #books #la #saturday #dayoff #caffeine #murdermystery #femaleauthors

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Hi @unpluggedbookbox
i am nargis kalani from karachi, pakistan and i am a total bookworm😁📚. i am 23 and currently working as a proofreader at a company. i love my work and am working hard to save for my masters studies. i am also a blogger with our country's famouse bookstore and i am also a bookreviewer for usborneya. 📚📚
i mostly love all genres but my favorites are thriller/mystery/horror, scifi, ya and fantasy. i am a total hp fan. i also fell in love with children of blood and bone, six of crows duology, illuminae series and throne of glass series😍.
i recently found out about your book box and i fell in love with i would love to be your rep. i love to interact with my fellow bookstagrammers cause they all are so amazing and loving😍. 📚📚
autumn/fall is my favorite season and i love it because of the cool breeze, green leaves everywhere and well cause halloween also comes in autumn and i love halloween😍❤. all the best for your repsearch✌. i hope your consider me ❤
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Yay, my #fairyloot box came today!
loki and i couldn't wait to open it - there are some amazing items inside.
follow the link in my profile for a full unboxing post on my blog.

did anyone else get theirs yet? did you love it?

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📚📚📚📚📚🚥🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 with ku via @amazon also available in paperback 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 via @amazon
twenty-five-year-old alissa myers, aka sweetie, is a top real estate agent with century 21 realtors. she's attractive, intelligent, outgoing, and everything that a man could ever want in a woman. that is until she ends up selling a property to mr. odom sparks. meeting him and starting a whirlwind affair behind closed doors begins a whole new change in alissa . . .one that no one ever saw coming.
odom sparks is the 35-year-old husband of cynthia sparks. he’s chocolate, sexy, clean cut with no tats, and he even owns his own contracting company. life couldn’t be any better for him, until he runs across the likes of sweetie. it’s as if he has lost all sense of reasoning and has started thinking with his head below, instead of the one that’s connected to his neck. will pure and unadulterated lust make him lose everything that he has worked so hard for, or will he eventually find his way and continue to be the man that he is truly destined to be?
cynthia sparks is the 33-year-old wife of odom sparks and is a top trainer at the french riviera spa. she’s a fitness fanatic who will do whatever it takes to remain in tip-top shape. even if it means refusing giving her husband, odom, the child that he has always wanted. little does she know, that what she won’t do, someone is more than willing to take her place.
come go with me on this emotional roller coaster ride where hearts are broken and relationships are tested to the very core. will lies, deceit, secrets and deception break up a happy marriage of five years? or will cynthia and odom finally find a way to forget and forgive?
find out in the dangerous love triangle, his other boo
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Hi @unpluggedbookbox 👋🏻👋🏻 it’s been a while since i entered a rep search but the timing feels right and i’m once again confident in being able to fulfill the rep requirements!
okay, so me. kim from canada. i’m 29 years old, and am really enjoying it so i think i’ll just stay this age forever. i’m in my sixth year of teaching high school, and i love that i can recommend books to my students. many of them follow me here, but i pretend they don’t exist on social media until they graduate 😅
when not teaching, i love being outdoors with my boyfriend or my giant dog-child, chewbacca. i live to travel (that’s me “reading” in death valley), and during the summer i’m seen acting in community theatre productions—usually shakespeare! i love autumn because of the food! soup and bread and warm drinks.
one thing about me that i’m proud of is that i am really open about my struggles with anxiety. i’ve talked about it quite a lot on here (i’m addicted to sharing in my instastories, which are typically ridiculous) in order to do my part to end the stigma surrounding mental health. your focus on self care in your book box is so cool!
so that’s it! i think i’ve rambled in enough, and just squeaked in before the deadline. thanks for your time!
#unpluggedbookbox #unpluggedrep1 #bookbox #repsearch #booksubscriptionbox

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Day 1: my book box and me !
my husband and one of my cats decided to join the picture 😶 , i swear my cat joined it at the last moment just as we were about to click the picture 😹😹😹.
the july box was my first book box ever and i loved it! so many useful merchandise which is what i wanted with my book box . thank you for this opportunity to participate in your giveaway ! #thebigbookbox #tbb25k 👾
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Hello lovelies!
we've just added a bunch of these clockwork/shadowhunter bookmark boxes for pre-order! 🤗 they will ship around the same time as the koa boxes (at the end of october). if you'd like to add a bookmark box to your existing order please contact me as you'd be able to add it to an order ❤ (i removed the free shipping option for adding past items to a box as it was causing a bit of confusion)

we also have a few of some pretty awesome items left such as these gorgeous marauders inspired book pouches by @papercute_ 😍😍😍 #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #bookish #bibliophile #booksofinstagram #bookboxes #bookbox #subscriptionbox #subscriptionbookbox #booksubscription #booksubscriptionbox #southafrica #southafricanbookbox #marauders #harrypotter #wizardingworldofharrypotter #infernaldevices #shadowhunters

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✌️hi melanie and sarah! i'm so excited and anxious to enter the first ever @unpluggedbookbox rep search, so here goes!
well, you know my name is irene and i live in maryland 🦀 i've loved your book box from the beginning because the name unplugged really stuck out to me as a box that was going to bring me change, relaxation and a peace of mind! 🍁 with "keep your head above water", i was blown away! i loved unboxing this precious and loved even more taking pictures of each of the items included to showcase them better for everyone! and you've heard me gush about fall a million times now! 🍂🌾
my favorite things about fall are the clothes (and boots), pumpkin and apple spice everything, and the cool crisp in the air! 🍃 oh! and the color changing leaves! ok, there's not much about fall that i don't love to be honest! 😅😂
i love all books ya, but i also love romances, psychological thrillers and i'm ready to try a horror for the first time... i love branching out and finding new authors and genres to love! 💕 i'm obsessed with hallmark movies and reading their books now, i love the show this is us and the good doctor and the good place! 🤭
i've loved taking pics of your debut box and i really would love the opportunity to work with you and your first round of reps!👏🤟

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This beautiful inej candle by @getfictional is by far my favorite item from my september @unpluggedbookbox ⚓️ everything about it is amazing! their jars and labels are beautiful and the smell is amazing! i can’t wait to get more of their candles! thank you @unpluggedbookbox for this addition in your box! #unpluggedunboxing #unpluggedbookbox #subscriptionbookbox #subscriptionbox #bookbox #subbox #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #bookstagramfeature #bookstagramallstar #bookstagrammersunite #bookishmerch #bookishcandles #getfictionalcandles #bookcommunity #bookobsessed #readersofinstagram

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Novidades! com design exclusivo diferenciado, essa mesa de centro que vira banco dá um toque de sofisticação e modernidade pra qualquer ambiente! #interiores #books #bookbox #mesadecentro #moveis

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🎃 rep entry! 🎃

hello @unpluggedbookbox team! my name is austine and i'm a 20-something book lover from pennsylvania! i've been a book lover since age 3 and an online promoter since i was in high school (it'll be 8 years of book blogging this january!). books are my passion, especially (but not limited to) fantasy and young adult in general.

at home, i have two kittens: beelzebub (my little demon) and gabriel (my not-so-angelic furball). they keep things... interesting. and when i'm not reading or blogging, i'm playing with my little succulent garden to relax or learning to design graphics!

i'd love to rep for y'all because not only do i love books but i also love that you take mental health into consideration with your book box. it wasn't until i joined the book community that i thought about self care and making sure i took care of my mind as well as my body when it came to my overall health and well-being. i think it's super important and it's fantastic y'all have brought it to the community with your boxes!

and did i mention i love fall. it's my absolute favorite season, not only because it includes my favorite holiday (halloween 🎃👻💀) but the weather is perfect. jeans, sweater or sweatshirt, comfy hiking boots... perfect 👌

i even have a new photo aesthetic starting today for the first official day of autumn! (which is why the photos in this collage look different than my feed, this is what i'll be doing for the next few months)

wow okay this entry post is super long and i'm sure y'all have a ton to look through so thank you for the chance. good luck to everyone entering! and let's get spooky!

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