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#mondaymotivation 🍑 leg day! legs and glutes are definitely leaning out 🙈 but my workout intensity remains the same and still maintaining my shape. leg day means refeed day so we’re definitely starting the week out on a good note 💪🏼😂 @vbodyz

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It's not about perfection. it's about effort. and when you bring that effort every single day. that's where transformation happens. that's how change occurs.
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Based on the fact that i've been training for 15 years, at least 5 times a week ( and i did not included all the years where i worked out twice a day ), it took me a minimum of 4000 trainings sessions to build my actual physique and capacities.
reflecting on these numbers, was all that time spent worth? i definitely do not regret this investment at all considering all the good things it has brought to me.
j'ai fait un rapide calcul, basé sur le fait que je m'entraîne depuis 15 années, au moins 5 fois par semaine ( et je n'inclus pas toutes les années ou je me suis entraîné 2 fois par jours ), cela m'a pris au minimum 4000 entraînements pour construire mon physique et mes capacités actuelles.
en prenant du recul par rapport à ces chiffres, est-ce que tout ce temps passé valait le coup?
eh bien à aucun moment je ne regrette cet investissement tant il m'a apporté.
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I feel like the hardest thing about being sick is when you have to open those plastic medicine packages, like you’re weak af… 😅😂 #whocreatedthose #idontevenlift .
finally caught this dang cold 😷 that everyoneee is getting, and i had to share the sickness with @copeland920_fitness duh. so last 2 workouts were more of a deload and much needed for us🙌🏼👏🏼hoping everyone has a great week and doesn’t get sick #dontbelikeme

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So 💪pumped im about to pop 🎈=💥

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