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Yea the old car was definitely lower 🐼 white on black never gets old

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Posted up at trump tower. 🇺🇸 #murica

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А что выбрали бы вы?😈 @zedsly @bmw_club_official

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Bmw 5series g30🔥 @bmwparadigm @bmw_club_official

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Ready for anything 😈

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Bbk poppin'

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Bmw m5 e60 v10🔥 @bmw_club_official

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Процесс удаления вмятины👌🏽 @bmw_club_official

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Battle of the germans. choose your winner 🐼😈 rs5 or m4? • my boys over at @ventgripz killing the audi scene with their epic rs5 🙌🙌🙌

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Bmw 318d touring pack m (143cv) 2012 🔹140.000 km 🔹revisões feitas na marca 🔹faróis bi-xenon 🔹ac automático 🔹gps 🔹entrada aux/usb 🔹bluetooth 🔹estofos desportivos em alcântara 🔹sensor de chuva 🔹sensor de luz 🔹sensores de parqueamento 🔹start/stop 🔹cruise control #bmw #bmwm #bmwportugal #portugal #viseu #bmwlovers #germanycar #aveiro #coimbra #porto #lisboa

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Love this bmw m2 on @vorsteiner 20” v-ff 107 wheels! 👌 owner: @m2_bsm _______________________________________________________ for more information and pricing please whatsapp or dm me.

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