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Cats outta the bag!! i know, i know, but i couldn’t help myself. —

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Lashes on lashes 💕 are you guys going glam this weekend?

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Take a step back, honey. did you enjoy dipped in the candy at the wonderland you created in your head? or did the fierce first moves and jumping in scare you? was it the curiosity that drove you or was it your heart? but most importantly did you love what you were doing or did you just pretend?

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Happy friday beauties! what’s on the agenda this weekend? tim & i are headed to our marriage prep weekend retreat. i have no idea what to expect but i’m pretty excited to hopefully make some new friends & talk about our feelings haha! 🥰

i do have one real concern though…

apparently the location is at a camp & all the ladies will bunk in the same room. i’m gonna talk (possibly even walk) in my sleep. i just know it. it happens when i’m in a new place & unfamiliar with my surroundings. these ladies are gonna think i’m possessed like what they’ve seen in the movies! 🧟‍♀️

so now i’ve graduated from the girl that fell in mud & looked like she 💩 her pants at summer camp to the possessed sleep walker at marriage camp. 🤦🏼‍♀️😂

(📷 @hazelandskye_ )

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If it’s black and gold, i want it✨🖤

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Living for this spring weather ☀️ •

•life update: yesterday after a traumatic series of events i found out i'm allergic to mice...not ok...i repeat...not ok!!🙈😂 in other news my whole outfit today is from @oldnavy and i'm not mad at it 😍 old navy has some of the best deals with the cutest clothes!! anyone else enjoying their new spring collection!?👌😍🌻

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Irish ☘️ spring break wasn’t over!!! but at least we get to finish it with green beer, sunshine and shenanigans (and maybe a little starbucks to jump start it!) happy st. patrick’s day!!! this adorable blouse is from @ellieclothing and a ton of my favorite accessories are linked! screenshot this pic to get shoppable product details with the app #ltkunder50 #ltksalealert #ltkbeauty #liketkit

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