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Yeah aightt👀🥰

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Enjoy your weekend via @milano_top_fashion 🍷 📸unknown ❤️🍷

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Making the most of the last bit of summer (📸: @thatbloggerjade )

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Part one- balance: let’s get one thing straight. balance is a magical word that doesn’t exist. balance is an impossible pursuit that does nothing but lead you down a rabbit hole of destruction. many people ask me how to find “balance” as a student and as a working mom. but the truth is, i have yet to find it. i stopped striving for perfect balance. instead, i seek self awareness and staying present in the now. i have my priorities arranged in permanent order: self care, motherhood, medicine. and that will never change. so.. with that said, there are certainly tips i can share with you about what has worked for me throughout my journey: i utilize charlee’s school time as the prime time for studying. between the hours of 5am-5pm is when i can get the majority of my daily tasks done. here’s an example to give you a better picture: i wake up around 4:30am, go on a run, work out. or i’ll listen to lectures on the elliptical and study until charlee goes to school. depending on the day, i’ll go to class or work or sometimes both, and study until i pick charlee up from her after school activities (cello, math club, or gymnastics). having an activity for charlee after school has been super helpful in allowing me to get extra study time in. after she’s done (usually around 7pm), i put the books down. spend the evening with her. we cook dinner together. eat together. snuggle on the couch and watch disney movies. i put her to bed, and the majority of the time, i’ll go to bed, too. (unless i have an exam or other pertinent things that still need to be done). i strive to go to bed by 11pm or before. (cont....) 👇🏻👇🏻

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Pretty in pink 💕💖💕 #aboutlastnight 😊

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Today’s full look from @shopbop

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•la paciencia de la vida•
yo no se si será sólo el mío o que pero ese hombre moja absolutamente todo el baño cuando se ducha 🙄
o sea yo me baño súper normal, y tengo full cuidado para que no se moje afuera de la ducha y se haga un pantano en el piso 😂me escurro en la ducha, agarro la toalla, coloco los pies en el tapete y me seco ¿fácil no? .
evidentemente el #padrehormonal no lo hace así 😒 porque moja absolutamente todo como si hubiese estado en un parque del agua 😂😒
y yo le pregunto tipo casual ¿bebé que pasó aquí? y me dice “nada bebé normal, me bañe “ 😂 wtf? o sea cono hace para mojar todo de esa manera? .
ah y no hablemos de cuando se cepilla y ensucia todo con pasta de dientes porque se me salen los demonios 🤪
¿sus esposos son así? o las he ensucian son ustedes? 😂digaaaan la verdad jajajaja

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