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Back on board. back in norway 🇳🇴❤️#norway#blessed#happy#crewlife#aidasol#vibes#goodmood#travel#explore#break#timetorelax#naturelover#geiranger

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“say what you mean and mean what you say” is what i heard when the ace of swords fell out. you have manifested a certain opportunity/fresh start or idea that could lead to everything you’ve ever wished for; the p*t of gold at the end of the rainbow but you can’t be wishy washy with it. however this applies to you, be clear on your intentions and your communications. no passive-aggressiveness or assuming people know what you need and how you feel. speak up or forever hold your peace.

there could very well be some positive news coming your way shortly that relates to your long-term happiness, that is if you’ve been putting in some type of energy exchange. in other words, you’ve been kind to others or putting yourself out there in one way or another. we reap what we sow. if you don’t like your manifestations, adjust your internal world and you will see it reflected back to you. there is no way around this. it is how our universe works 🦋.
there’s also a message here to take the steps towards your happiness. don’t expect someone or something to do it for you, or else you’ll always look for it. if you want to purchase a house, start putting money aside and get a financial advisor. if you’d like a new career, look for a job or consider going back to school. if it’s a harmonious partnership you’re seeking, become your own best friend. treat yourself how you expect to be treated. you teach others how to treat you. if it’s more freedom you seek, then cut out what is distracting you to make energetic room for it. and my loves, don’t you ever settle for less than you desire. just make sure you show up as your ideal also ✨.

wishing you all joy and abundance ♾.

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