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How i feel about my job 😍
being able to travel the world while working with brands i admire still feels like a dream to me!
i’ll always be grateful for that!
i can’t wait to share with you the new campaign we shot in iceland for @fossil
le sentiment que me procure mon travail 😍
pouvoir parcourir le monde avec des marques que j’admire, tout en travaillant sur de super projets, me semble toujours irréel!
j’en serai toujours reconnaissante!
je suis impatiente de partager avec vous la nouvelle campagne que nous avons tournée en islande pour @fossil #iceland #blacksandbeach

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The lost coast. a ~50 mile stretch of northern california coastline left largely untouched where the iconic pch veers uncharacteristically inland. it’s home to the king range national conservation area, and the lost coast trail, a true gem of west coast wilderness. photographer pals @bailey.diemer & @nash.rood recently set out on a 25 miler, returning with a few new stories and a couple more rolls of spent film. we’ll share the full story on soon. in the meantime, take a minute to marvel at this bonkers trail section pictured above, courtesy nash and his #canonf1 and a roll of #portra800 film

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First time seeing the iconic black sand beaches of iceland. i found it really interesting to see how the whole island has been sculpted by various volcanic and tectonic forces creating a landscape that is in a constant state of flux. .
this shot was edited with one of my lightroom presets. click the link in my bio 👆to check them out!

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Diamond beach is another wonder of iceland. huge blocks of ice that constantly break away from the ancient glacier and fall into the lagoon, slowly float, melt and drift out to ocean, where they are polished by the waves and washed ashore on the black beach called breiðamerkursandur. the black sand of the beach is always covered in translucent ice cubes that look like diamonds. this is why breiðamerkursandur is nicknamed the diamond beach.

Бриллиантовый пляж - еще одно чудо Исландии. Огромные льдины, которые постоянно откалываются от многовекового ледника и попадают в лагуну, медленно плавают по поверхности воды, тают и с течением попадают в океан, где волны полируют их и выбрасывают на черный пляж под названием breiðamerkursandur. Черный песок пляжа всегда укрыт прозрачными льдинами, которые выглядят как бриллианты. Поэтому breiðamerkursandur часто называют Бриллиантовым пляжем.
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We are so small compared to mother earth! why do we still act like we are the biggest and the best? i feel at best when i’m surrounded by nature so i prefer to keep nature the way it is without destroying it further more!

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If you were given the opportunity to go anywhere in the world free of cost, where would it be?

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Black sand beaches in iceland, truly beautiful! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
photo by @hollow.sun⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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