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days off mean working on my own career!! 2nd draft of "the bucket list" is coming along great. even figured out how to change a few scenes.


i fuss alot about writing and how much it gives me a headache lol but god gave me this gift for a reason and i'm going to use it to the best of my ability!!
happy h**p day!! ________
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Happy 30th birthday to me!
starting my day off with the second book in the crazy rich asians series, china rich girlfriend. (sidenote: why did the library think it was a good idea to put the stick smack dab in the middle of the title? 🤦🏾‍♀️) anyway with it being my birthday, i decided that it was only right that i finally grace you all with my presence. ( i hate taking pics) i have never formally introduced myself since starting this page a few months ago so today i would jot down a few things about me.
1. i’m jasmine and i have loved to read since forever.
2. starting this page was my oldest daughter’s idea and the page was supposed to be 2queensread but i felt weird leaving my youngest out, even though she’s not reading yet, so i changed the name about a week later.
3. i have never read all of the harry potter books but i’ve saw all the movies. my step mom banned them for “religious” reasons. and i accidentally started malaina off the same way. she’s seen every movie and we just finished reading chamber of secrets together.
4. i only take selfies on snapchat. i don’t know why. they just come out better. and that’s the only reason that i use the app. i don’t interact with anyone on there.
5. i’m finishing up my degree in early childhood education.
6. my oldest is just like me: bookworm, introvert, sassy since birth, always has a rebuttal to everything i say always has a book in her hand and sneaks books and flashlights into bed so she can read.
7. my youngest is my total opposite: loves sports, being outside, extremely athletic, overly friendly, extrovert, has no desire whatsoever to read or be read to except for 2 books.
8. reading is my stress relief
9. i like to read the popular books.
10. i’m so glad that i found this community. i have been introduced to some many amazing books and became aware of some amazing people doing great things in the literary world.
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Coming tuesday, october 23rd 💫💕 —

in the finale, everything has come to a head and all secrets are forced out into the open.

with khiari on their side, the grass has been cut to reveal the snakes. the west brothers finally know who's been coming for their family, which now leaves them with the heavy question as to why. with their father in the wind, it's up to them to turn the tables and protect their family at any costs.

it seems that elijah has finally managed to push slim away for good, but her irrational decision to try and move on quickly lands her right in the line of fire. with her life hanging in the balance, eli finds himself faced with his worst fear as he goes above and beyond to save the woman that he loves.

josiah and ember find themselves in a unique situation that neither of them saw coming. while ember is hesitant, josiah is all in, despite the steep mountain the two will have to climb to make things work.
dakota is dead set against the twosome, however, and her determination to win her child’s father back pushes her to a dangerous breaking point that may end in tragedy.

with his family in turmoil and stephen still on the loose, isaiah doesn’t know whether he’s coming or going. all that’s clear to him, is that he’ll do whatever he has to to make things right, no matter who has to lose their life in the process.

follow the west family one last time to see if they come out on top, or if their enemies are successful in destroying their lives for good.
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My grandmother always said that even on your worst days, you should put on your best outfit because if you look your best, you’ll feel your best. that seems to be the theme in this week’s feature book, crown. when a young boy goes to the barbershop to get a fresh haircut, he receives much more. the people around have varying looks and cuts which make him imagine himself being a boss, royalty, distinguished; amazing. this book is definitely a salute to barbers around the world, and a highlight of the experience that many young boys receive just by getting a haircut. great pics and perfect for anyone who needs a reminder that your head/mind/crown can take you far.
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There’s always been the great debate as to whether or not audiobooks are considered “reading” or not. in fact, many look down upon audiobooks from what i’ve seen on social media. my vote is yes. here’s the thing, if i’m retaining the same exact information than you are, why wouldn’t that be counted? i do i mix of physical books and audiobooks. usually reading/listening to one of each simultaneously. makes life easier on me as a single mama, my commute less dreadful and sometimes the audio is just plain better (harry potter for example). what are your thoughts?

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“the previous time i had walked around the concentration camp grounds until they closed. then i had sat down under the memorial that stood above the camp, and looked down over the grounds. i felt a great emptiness inside, as if i had been searching for some glimpse, not outside but within myself, and had discovered that there was nothing to be found.” all along i had felt that hanna sleeping with michael was a grave thing to do, to violate a child in that way, in a way that gave him no choice but to cling to you,to your being, your world, your memory. i had been preoccupied by her dissmissiveness towards him, her narcissistic personality, her detachment.

but then when hanna was on trial for being a concentration camp guard during the holocaust and michael had figured out that she was illiterate and thus contemplated whether it was his place to reveal this information to the judge and perhaps save hanna from the harsh hand of the law, i had to think over the advice he recieved from his father on the matter: “but with adults i see absolutely no justification for setting other people’s views of what is good for them above their own ideas of what is good for themselves.” when you think about morality and how it is an all-encompassing blanket which often does not allow one to critically evaluate motive or circumstance on the part of the perpetrator, then you understand why and how michael was able to move on with his life, even if only as a ghostly participate in its activities, and not allow that his experience with hanna to take over the rest of his life.
he was heartbroken because of her leaving, he blames himself not acknowledging her as a part of his life, that's what we get from the text. but what about her. how had she, a thirty-six year old, come to be intimate with a boy that could have been her son? how did she come to be illiterate? did she participate in the #holocaust by choice?
what are the things we miss in the decisions that other people make about[...] full text: #areadblackgirl #bookstagram #blackgirlsread #blackgirlsreadtoo #bernhardschlink #thereader #auschwitz

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On day 4 of "the purpose driven life," and this book is bringing me so much life! who else has read this book before? what did you think?

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I woke up this morning to an inbox stating that a book club in baltimore would be showcasing the message in the mirror. i am truly humbled.

i did not know about it and will be at another event in dc, so please go and support if you can. i hope to connect with the sponsors and do a phone interview or facetime to connect with the readers! wow, you just never who you are blessing or how they can bless you!

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I began reading soweto under the apricot tree by niq mhlongo exactly two weeks ago, and i can't say i enjoyed it as much as i had hoped to. i feel cheated by the cover.

although pretty and colourful, the cover actually sets the tone for the collection of short stories it encloses. each and every piece, most of which are set in soweto, with the exception of turbulence and curiosity killed the cat - which rather are about people who are from the southern western township and not the place, has a dark undertone, like the background of the book.
death is a flowing theme in the anthology. the death of a cat, death by poison, death on a plane... if the characters aren't dead they come very close to it. you read about a cheating couple jumping off a balcony, a thief being subjected to mob justice, illegal immigrants hanging from rope.

i enjoy niq mhlongo's short stories because he has such firm footing on black township life. you always get a sense of his stories taking shape while he sits in the local shebeen, while burrying a community member at avalon cemetery, he has a way of bringing you into the story, making you sit next to him and watch it unfold.
i came to know of #soweto through #sarafina. the imagine of lines and lines of graves dug out for the victims of #june16. the role avaloncemetery plays in the #township cannot be missed, it is the setting of a number of the short stories. niq mhlongo throws in bits of history that makes soweto less of an enigma for us who make the occasional trip to the shisanyamas and the historical landmarks and don't get to live in the area. do you know why there are so many apricot trees in soweto?

the collection covers a range of topical issues such as white people speaking on behalf of black people, immigrant labour, the coloured question, traditional healing and medicine, absent fathers, homelessness, morality, unemployment, and the relationship black people have with domestic animals.

a little sombre for my liking, but very close to home.
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“tell me you don’t want me, cae.”
i looked away. “i don’t want you.”
“no.” he turned my head by my chin. “look me in the eyes and tell me that lie.” - cadence & meki (#alovedeferred)
coming december 7th! cover reveal/preorder available november 1st 😉
📸credit: @mcfreshcreates ♥️

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✨ meet the bookstagrammer ✨
since it’s been awhile since i introduced myself i thought i’d be a perfect time to do so again — my name is jaime + i am here (like you) because of my love of books
a few things about me 😊
1. i’m a city girl (new orleans born and raised) now currently living in a small town which has its perks
2. my favorite genres are literary fiction and contemporary fiction — i’m a big sucker for a character driven type of novel.
3. if i’m not reading, i’m usually watching one of my favorite tv shows — i love this is us, grey’s anatomy, greenleaf and how to get away with murder.
4. i love to travel and experience new places — i’m on a mission to conquer my bookstore visit list 😝
5. i have been an avid reader since a kid — i had soo many books my dad had to build me bookshelves for my room my favorite series as a kid was babysitters club + r. l. stine books 📚 💭 it’s been really great connecting with all of you + if you haven’t, introduce yourself and tell me something about you in the comments 👇🏽

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Good morning worms 🐛 #livelive #blackgirlsreadtoo

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It’s finally vacation week and of course i’m super excited but i’m even more excited to finally read crazy rich asians by @kevinkwanbooks! i’ve been holding off on reading this book for months because i just knew it would be the perfect beach read! how many of you have read cra? did you see the movie too? can’t wait to finally experience both!

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#mood 😌. good monday morning y’all 💋☕️
📸credit: @illustration315 ♥️

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Special shoutout to these beautiful girls who each picked up copies of she’s come undone last night. make sure when you see me in these streets you cop one too.

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