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♥️had a ball in a fashion show fundraiser collecting coins for brooklyn’s coney island ymca. they’ve only been around since 2013, but last year, they reached 13,000 people and 4,000 of them were youths and teens. it’s good to know some programs are still serving our babies. 🙌🏾
this lewk was for a scene called i’m on the list. p.s. i finally found a blue lipstick that matches my chocolate deluxe. 💄#yeahwrite #bethestarofyourshow #fundraiser #brooklynkeepsonmakingit #brooklynbabe #ymca #ymcaconeyisland #werehereforgood #absolutenewyork

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#tbt that time i was the keynote speaker at the r.o.s.e. conference and met some dope college bound black and brown girls. #yeahwrite #bethestarofyourshow #writersofinstagram #authorsofinstagram

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This just makes me so happy. wherever you are, get your move on today! #dance #moveit #fitness #lovelife #bethestarofyourshow

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About last night: i moderated a q&a with @bootsriley, the writer-director of sorry to bother you, and costume designer @thereeldesign for a group of nyu students. my bay area people know boots from the legendary rap group the coup. 📸@meanjeanius #yeahwrite #bethestarofyourshow #sorrytobotheryou

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Me and my homie @_marlonpeterson hosted @motthallbridges’s 6th annual step up or step aside competition for the 3rd year in a row. this year we challenged the audience to a dance contest and of course all the kids ran to the stage. swipe to see the video. shout to the plugs (@moeonthego and @thelopezeffect ) for making this step show pop. #bethestarofyourshow #stepshow

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#mood😎 i’m just saying. (nickname in high school: miss huxtable) #bethestarofyourshow

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#tbt think this was 2015. with the help of #serenawilliams and #amandlasteinberg, i was doing a red talk (the baby sister to a tedtalk) about how parents can support and encourage girls. #bethestarofyourshow #yeahwrite

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