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Birthday girl 🥳🎂

i can’t believe i turned 30 today 🤪
i need a time machine to travel back in time 😂🧳
#foreveryoung ✌️

wearing the most gorgeous dress from @nadinemerabi 🎀

Вот и настал этот страшный день, когда мне исполнилось 30 лет 🤪🎉

Не могу в это поверить!! Можно мне пожалуйста машину времени, а то я не заметила как пронеслись последние 5 лет 🚗💨😅

Всем спасибо огромное за поздравления! Мне безумно приятно! Благодаря вам я весь день улыбаюсь ❤️

И спасибо за шикарное платье @nadinmerabi 💕
Я бы его никогда не снимала, само совершенство! 👗

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Mother nature hard at work ✨
- - -
shrouded in a dense jungle, the temple of ta prohm in siem reap is one of my favorites to visit. i mean, just look at this tall tree spreading its gigantic roots (for years) on this wall! 🤩
- - -
a lot of trees here are also probing the walls apart as their branches intertwine to form a roof over the structures. indeed, you will absolutely love exploring this temple — and yes, this is also the famous ‘tomb raider’ location as well so it’s quite something!
- - -
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Did you know iceland generates 100% of its energy from renewable hydroelectric and geothermal sources. it has the cleanest energy in the world. 🌲🙌🏽
who would you take to visits this breathtaking northern country with!? 🇮🇸
📸: @h0rdur
#theadventurenetwork - share your adventure. 🎒
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photographer @jackson.groves
location #lebanon july 18, 2019
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Our favourite hangout spot in osaka 📚
what would you rather have for your home: floor to ceiling windows or floor to ceiling bookshelf?

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Tbt do maior e mais alto deserto de sal do mundo, salar de uyuni na bolívia! combinamos bolívia e deserto do atacama na mesma viagem, 5 dias no atacama e 4 dias na bolívia, a logística foi: ida e volta pelo aeroporto de calama no chile, o aeroporto mais próximo do vilarejo de san pedro de atacama, e de la fomos em um tour de 4x4 para a bolívia rumo ao famoso salar de uyuni! você sente na pele o poder e grandiosidade da natureza, é surreal!! mais na #viajandocomamornabolivia e #viajandocomamornochile e nos destaques bolívia e atacama no perfil ❤️#viajandocomamor 🇧🇴📌 ——————————————————————#beautifuldestination #americadosul #tbt #amoviajar #umaviagem #gopro #goproselfie #canon #southamerica #selfiegopro #awesomelifestyle #brasileirosporai #iphonex #wanderlust #laguna #geiser #deserto #visitbolivia #bolivia🇧🇴 #atacama #ferias #experiencebolivia #salar #salardeuyuni

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Out of the mist and ready for another day of exploring the #thelastfrontier on #seabournsojourn. want to experience #alaska? there's still time to join us this season! (pic: @photoallison )
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I’m back in the us! traveling full-time without an actual place to call home for almost 3 years was as life changing, unforgettable and exhausting as it sounds.
living out of a suitcase for that long taught me me how to be selective. selective with friendships, relationships, jobs i take on, & how i spend my time.
constantly being away from my family taught me to value the little time i was able to spend with them in between my travels. in my heart, home is where the people i care for the most are. now that i’m back, i look forward to reestablishing my own home and having my own family one day.
being able to travel on american currency taught me about privilege, the value of money and how far a dollar can really go. there are areas in the world where people would do anything to experience american privilege. i am humbled beyond measure for all of the blessings i’ve been granted because i’m simply lucky to be a citizen of this country. i will not forget that i’ve been given countless opportunities in my life because of that, and i promise to use them for a greater purpose.
travel mishaps have taught me about patience. patience is needed to understand different views, cultures, and norms. on the other hand, my journey has also taught me to advocate for what’s right and to always speak my truth.
i left the us as a hairstylist and i’m back here as a content creator. for now, i am going to continue to create, do what has brought me joy for several years now, and see where my journey continues to take me. my travels won’t stop, but this time, i’ll have the comfort of having a place i can truly call home. my aim is to bring you travel, fashion, and lifestyle content that will hopefully inspire you to live your most colorful life!
👙: @sonoire
📷: @camillamilja

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