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Thought you were my only one
but you were the never one

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I think about her all the time...

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Working on revisions from my agent for a new book today & wishing there were three of me to write all the stories i want to write. i don’t like slowing down or taking breaks or pressing pause. i really love to work. i love chasing after the completed manuscript & brainstorming & scribbling on the white board. as soon as i finish one project, i can’t wait to start another. i’m pretty sure the work/life balance is never going to be my reality & i’m okay with that because my work is my passion & my passions are my life. it’s all the same. 🖤
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A great time having tea with our local authors holding the library's one book selection, behold the dreamers. #authorsofinstagram #kitsapregionallibrary

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Not a poem exactly.
i haven't been well.
wish i was.

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