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Happy monday! today’s video just went live, and it’s a tea time 🍵 february can be an odd month as the “newness” of january starts to fade. today we’re talking about how to make the old feel new again ✨ i also announce the winners of the godai soaps giveaway! please don’t forget to give the video a thumbs-up and subscribe if you haven’t already! link in bio or go here to watch:

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✨special announcement✨
my new website is official up! 🖤
be sure to subscribe and gain access to the members only page. you’ll be automatically entered into quarterly giveaways!
and even better, you’ll also get an exclusive sneak peek at the first chapter of a dark sky opens! 🤯
thanks so much to @alaina.laethem for designing my re-brand and logo, and @authorbrittanywang for all the help in making the site *actually functional* 😅
as far as the content and how it’s aesthetically arranged: that’s all me, so if you think it’s hideous—well, you are probably right. i’ve got no eye for design and had no business designing my own site, but it was fun! lol.
that said, please let me know if you notice any wrinkles still left to be ironed—i’m sure there are still a few!
i hope you all enjoy what i’ve put together! 🖤
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Three. days. i cannot believe we are so close to the release of what he never knew. to say that i put myself and my emotions through the ringer with this book would be the biggest understatement of all time. the writing process was tough, the editing process was absolutely brutal -- but in the end, i am more proud of this book than i could have ever imagined i would be.⁣

i tackled some not so safe issues. i wrote diversity in a way that brings joy to my heart. i wrote about music in a way that set my soul on fire. and i wrote a slow burn, teacher/student, age gap angst fest that makes me all squirmy -- which is my favorite way to feel when i read/write romance. ⁣

this is not a hearts and flowers story. this is not an easy read. this is not the same book you read last week, and though i try to label it with some tropes you might be familiar with, i promise you -- this book is nothing like any you've read before.⁣

the only question is... are you brave enough to go on this journey with me?⁣

pre-order using the link in my bio. live in kindle unlimited on thursday! ❤️

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Repost from @legendarywriting
this happened with my story. it started out super eloquent with tons of unnecessary vocabulary words because i was using what i learned in english class—big mistake—and it turned into visceral, imagery based writing. looking back, it looked like i vomited a dictionary on the page. not appealing at all 😁😁 what about y'all? has this happened to you?

new blog post: if we lose net neutrality, only rich, already established authors will be able to draw attention to their work. the rest of us will never have a shot. we will write and die in isolation. there will be no new bestsellers.
check out the blog post for more info on what you can do to avoid this terrible course and call your senators (link in the bio). tell them to keep net neutrality!

ryan reudell

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Do you ever catch someone you love staring at you? 🌻
my poetry book, love spelled in poetry, is out in gramedia bookstores everywhere. dm me for international shipping. ❤️
for more poetries, follow @helenatasha 🌹
📸: @hadiwp

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If something depletes you, delegate or delete! being busy and stressed does not equal winning. true contentment comes from balance ⚖️ and harmony of body, mind and soul 🧘🏻‍♀️, and will be in sync when your sleep is peaceful and restful.
have you had a good night’s sleep?
excerpt from my book “i am winning” 📖 now available on (link in bio).
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Hey writers!

i love fanfics. i love me a good one with a good story.
any of you write fanfiction? if you do, tell me your story and where i can find it and i'll check it out.

happy writing!

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