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arc brake lever in aluminium
crf250r 2007-2019, crf450r 2007-2019, crf450rx 2017-2019

all arc brake levers famously fold forward when you go down (and every off roader does!) so they don't bend or break in a fall.
available in unbreakable memlon™ (45% lighter than aluminum, ridden by many of the top mx, ex, enduro and quad champions), comes in coarse black texture, or smooth black memlon.) also available in forged and machined black anodized aluminum.
pick your choice above and you'll always be able to ride to the finish line and back to your truck after a crash.
if you do somehow bend or break a lever, we've got a 100% guarantee, just ship the lever and $15 for a new one to come flying back to you in the mail... if you do somehow bend or break a lever, we've got a 100% guarantee, just ship the lever and £15 for a new one to come flying back to you in the mail... 📲
☎️ 01283 500450

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Random photo in paris 🏙

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#arc or #coil? why not both? you can order these and other great selection of #usb #rechargeable #electric #lighters in our shop. come check us out!
the #autumncolors are setting in real nice now, make sure you don't light the dried leaves.
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wwa architects have created a conceptual design for shanghai expo 2010. with the exhibition housing pavilions from countries all over the world, each pavilion must provide a strong aesthetic message to attract visitors and then provide insight to the country. wwa’s pavilion creates a distinct stylistic motif taken from the folk-art paper cut-out to create a “memorable cultural ideogram”
the pavilion creates a route for the visitors to follow, which outlines a logical progression through the space. the path first circulates around the information center before leading to the full-height exhibition space.  this main area, with light filtering through the cut-out patterns of the elevation, consists of solid walls that function as screens. the screens project images of polish city life and provide the backdrop for cultural performances in an effort to place the viewer in the appropriate setting.
the route continues to flow through the pavilion, leading up a terraced viewing platform and eventually to the roof level, known as the “viewing spot.” the slanted roof provides an area for outdoor performances as well as prime seating for viewing the whole exhibition.

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“at the movies” coming soon!!!

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Check out the link in bio for our weekly blog posts!! last weeks blog was about the day of the dead! check it out!! #arc #art #handmade #metal #multimedia #americanrivercollege #arcdesignhub#intership #tech #creating #hardwork #intern #internship #work#working #workinghard #3dprinting #3d #printing #makerspace #studentsuccess #studentideas #jobsforthefuture #collegeinterns #work #working #jobs

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Lost in bukhara

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C’est l’heure du #vendredichasseur!
deux chasseurs cf-188 hornet sont de retour après avoir effectué une patrouille dans l’espace aérien de l’islande au cours de l’opération reassurance, à keflavik, en islande, le 19 mai 2017.
photo : caporal gary calvé
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🎶 i’ll be there for you 🎶 ****************************************************** can you tell i’m a friends fanatic? i’ve loved reading a little of this book so far...the friends community is still alive and running and it makes me so happy 😍 ****************************************************** i’m all ready for my first ever craft show tomorrow! make sure to tune in to my stories to experience it with me 😉

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architects: cebra
location: tuborg havnevej, 2900 hellerup, denmark
area: 25000.0 m2
project year: 2017
danish studio cebra has redesigned a science centre in copenhagen, adding a shimmering copper-clad staircase that represents the structure of a dna strand.

a stacked configuration of staggered rectilinear volumes that are offset from a brick plinth expresses the various functions of the internal programme.
the brick base was preserved from the original building, providing a tangible representation of the connection between past and future, as well as between natural science and engineering.
the upper volumes are clad with lightweight aluminium panels featuring a perforated pattern based on the way air and fluid behave when they encounter resistance.
another element intended to reaffirm the building's scientific remit is the dramatic copper-clad helix staircase, which is located just inside the entrance and can be seen by passersby on the street.
"the staircase ensures a good internal flow and creates coherence between the floors," said nielsen. "at the same time, it substantiates the building's scientific focus."
"during a workshop with jakob bohr, professor at dtu nanotech, we were inspired to work with the stairs as an abstract version of the dna strand's structure," the architect continued. "and so, the idea for the helix staircase was born."

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two years after a major earthquake and tsunami hit japan, architect arata isozaki and artist anish kapoor have completed an inflatable mobile concert hall that will tour affected regions. "we named the project ark nova, or 'new ark', with the hope that it will become a symbol of recovery immediately after the great earthquake disaster," said the designers.
"ark nova obviously can't carry people and animals to escape from disaster, but we conceived the ark to travel packed with music and various arts, from the perspective of long-term rebuilding of culture and spirit," they added.

the walls of the structure are made from a stretchy plastic membrane, designed to enable quick e******n and dismantling. to transport it to a new venue, the orb is completely deflated and loaded onto the back of a lorry alongside the disassembled equipment.

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