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First day of my new job tomorrow, trying to finish this book today. @melsaeban17 @_sai_89, it may be time for that book club 🤗 #americanah

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Yesterday i finally started americanah by chimamanda ngozi adichie. this book has been one of my most anticipated reads this year, especially after reading we should all be feminists. out of all of adichie's novels, this one seemed the most interesting one to me based on the synopsis.

i devoured 70 pages in no time so i think it's safe to say that i'm immensely enjoying it! i've never read any nigerian literature before and picking up this book is part of my ongoing effort to diversify my reading list. it is in a way very different than all the european and american novels i've finished in the past and the difference is so refreshing! just the fact that the story is intervowen with ideas, ways of life, backgrounds, customs that are entirely new to me, feels like i'm constantly leaning something. i also feel kind of ashamed that i did not realize earlier how many rich literary traditions exist outside of the western canon.

by the way, if you're interested in reading this book, check out my earlier post where i'm hosting an international giveaway with americanah as the prize! there's still lots of time to enter 😄

what was the first diverse book you read? how did it feel to learn about a culture that's different from yours? do you have any good book recommendations in the same vein as adichie's books? let's discuss below!

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Happy saturday book franz! a few franz responded to my open call in my ig stories for any questions about my wife & i. we received some really great questions! from how we met, to who proposed?, & how we conceived our tiny sprout. we plan to sit down together & answer all your wonderful questions but for now i wanted to answer a bookish question we got! the question was if we read the same books & recommend books to each other. this stack features books my wife has read, loved & recommended to me! she has a very strong love for non fiction, specifically any books on race & identity. while i prefer literary fiction & science fiction..
the very first book i remember her recommending i read was black white and jewish by rebecca walker. i was in my final year in college & she was my cool friend living away from home in her first year in graduate school. because i had the biggest of crushes on her i immediately got a copy of black white and jewish. i devoured it hoping to be cool & have an excuse to talk to her about one of her favorite books. with that ulterior motive in mind i dove into the autobiography not specifically interested but came out a change individually. to be honest it’s a book that sparked so many thoughts & topics of conversation in me. it was really unlike anything i had read, at the time. most importantly it was a book that challenged me & that just made me fall for my wife even more. i have to also add that it was the first book i read with an account of a q***r woman of color..

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The one where carly returns from the dead 💀
hello, hello friends! it has been a few weeks, so catch me up - what’s going on with you all?
in the past however-long-i-was-gone, i’ve done a lot of thinking about what i need to be doing to set myself up for success (in reading, and in life) for this year. i’ve decided it’s time to focus on 1️⃣ quality, not quantity, 2️⃣ listening to my mind and body instead of running myself into the ground like i did in 2018 lol, 3️⃣ using this platform for the actual reason i came here in the first place (aka to talk books with people who like to talk books instead of focusing too h*****n things like themes, #aesthetic , staying hip with the times on new releases, etc.), and 4️⃣ keeping it #real as always about other things i’m passionate about like mental health and identity and good s**t like that.
to kick that off, i’m starting 2019 with americanah. this is a book that has been on my #tbr for years but i’ve always been intimidated away because it is long, and because i know it’s one i will want to savor rather than rush through. i’m not big on resolutions but i’m going to work on taking my time through books like this.
your turn! what’s the haps?? hows it hangin? talk to me plz i clearly have been away from people for too long 🙈

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Who else loves a large pile of books? let us know which of these you’ve read! 📚💬
📸 photograph by @thestackspod

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Thought i’d do a throwback to my favorite reads of 2017! i actually had to scroll back to a facebook post from january 1, 2018 to remember what they were 😅 i’m glad to see that pre-bookstagram-hannah’s reading taste was still on point 😎
📖the women of brewster place by gloria naylor
📖the awakening by kate chopin
📖americanah by chimamanda ngozi adichie
📖the sympathizer by viet thanh nguyen
📖born a crime by trevor noah
📖name of the wind by patrick rothfuss
📖homegoing by yaa gyasi
📖pachinko by min jin lee
not pictured:
📖the fishermen by chigozie obioma
📖the whale caller by zakes mda
i’ve been holding back on saying which are my favorites for this year since there’s technically still around 2 more weeks to sneak some reading in. i will say that i have a pretty solid list so far though! ☺️

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I have a phenomenal selection of books to read this month, but it's slow going for me so far. i'm so anxious to dive into this story, but i'm patiently waiting to finish another first. i have a feeling the rest of the nice weather seasons will mean taking my time reading, as i focus on other hobbies. do you have any other hobbies you split your reading time with? #theardentbiblioreads

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I haven’t been reading much lately (still hung up on san miguel 😭), so i figured i’ll just start sharing some more past favorites.
today’s feature should come as no surprise: chimamanda ngozi adichie—my queen, my love, a woman so great she was featured on a beyoncé song 💖. my favorite books by ngozi are americanah and purple hibiscus, and i’m not-so-patiently waiting for her to come out with another g*****n novel already. kthx.
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