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Ok #tigerfans — pre order is now open (until friday!) for my #oneofafind tiger leggings πŸ…πŸ…πŸ… sizes run from 6 months to an adult xl ••• i wear a 4/6 and prefer a medium (i have worn the small to a game, i just like the extra movement) + sawyer is almost 8, wearing the 8/9 yrs size πŸ…πŸ…πŸ… •••• share with all your @clemsonfb fan friends, because right now this is the only place you can snag a pair! •••• visit to order them for every year and size to come! ••• (link in bio; details of fabric, delivery time and return info on web posting) ••• go tigers!! 🏈

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Wow! #powerful story from the wolfpack family today. make sure you connect with @fox4now, @winknews, @thenewspress, and @leeschools. teachers and students give the gift of walking to a new student. #allin⁠ β πŸŽ“

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Surprise!!!πŸ₯š christian deserves all the likes ✊
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The schedule for 2019! πŸ’ͺ
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What does above the ball really mean. for me, it’s not reality, it’s a thought. it allows the hands to delay and connect high to the shoulder in the initial move. is it for every hitter? no. does it help some, absolutely. @a1.aries was having a hard time leaking his hands forward as he fired and then pulling out of zone with the front side. the thought of firing above the ball gave him that split second delay to give his hips time to fire first and connect it a better position. this swing was 98 oppo, next was 100 and 390 ft.

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Dabo looks like a natural up there 😎
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πŸ† huge news on the defensive front as @isaiahsimmons11, @tanner_muse and @kvonwallace will all be back in ‘19 ❗️❗️❗️#wetoodeep πŸ’ͺ [h/t @montuoro13 πŸ“Έ] .
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Mornings in maui 🌸
ambition is my drug success is my only cure. πŸ˜‰

i risked everything for a dream that no one could see but myself. β˜€οΈ now i’m here and i ain’t goin back to the average life.
if you don’t find a way to have your money working for you or work for yourself you will fall down the path of mediocrity.
it’s ok to be selfishly selfish.
you deserve to have the best and everyone around me deserves to have the best.
so i wont settle for a boring life.. working a job the rest of my life. hate on it.. but i just have the fire within me that i legit can not ever work for someone else building someone else’s dream when i can be over here helping others build their own... and by helping others.. by default i get what i want as well.🌴 don’t be scared to dream big most likely you’re thinking to small and that’s why you’re getting small results.

i didn’t know how i was going to get where i am now, i just had the will power and ambition to take the journey and i was willing to fail and surpass all the negativity that came along with it.

i had an open mind and believed in myself added with a twist of faith and just went all in.. #allin #markethackers

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