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Beautiful colors in veszprém 🇭🇺⠀
photo: @zo.so77
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Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost 🌆
#hellofrom korea 🇰🇷

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Welcome to the city🏢

📸credit: @daisuhan

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The incredibly vast landscapes make everyone look small, no matter how tall or short you are - i mean i usually look quite short, well i am 😂 5‘7“ .
#iceland #hiking #sombrescapes #icelandichighlands

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“yesterday, upon the stair,
i met a man who wasn’t there.
he wasn’t there again today,
i wish, i wish he’d go away.”
-hughes mearns

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Catwheel. get it? cuz cartwheel then there's a cat and a- hahaha so corny kbye.

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Humayun’s tomb | delhi
#humayunstomb #humayuntomb #posing

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Whatever it takes

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"is not this a true autumn day? just the still melancholy that i love—that makes life and nature harmonize." ~george eliot⁣

🎨: #e1d4d0, #7b8f98, #bb7b47, #7c593e, #5e402d

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I've got to give a shoutout to @kourtneeearnestphotography 🤯 she killed it with our family photos!! also, sorry if you follow me on my personal account, you're getting swamped with these happy pics!! 🥰

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When your plant babies take up your living space. here’s @sararogersphotography in her little corner oasis!

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#repostplus @sekondtry
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i wanna pay it forward this holiday season to the city i love so much!

so today i’m giving away my... canon 5d mark 3!
it’s not a new one but it’s still a great camera and i hope it can be a upgrade to a lucky someone! it’s brought me to the next level of my career so hopefully it will do the same for the next person.
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“capture a photo that a tourist was taking photo for her friend.”

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🌐city-capture of the day by
@sarahjanefouracres ✨★congratulations★✨⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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Other moms: my kids go to bed peacefully at 8 without a fight
me: my kids know at least three different songs about butts

powering through our bedtime routine over here and i’ll be working late tonight finishing up all the things! ☺️

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Ensaio infantil com tema ? nós amamos e dessa vez teve unicórnio ❤️🦄 ensaio de 1 aninho da pequena bibi ❤️

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Ensaio infantil com tema ? nós amamos e dessa vez teve unicórnio ❤️🦄 ensaio de 1 aninho da pequena bibi ❤️

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Ensaio infantil com tema ? nós amamos e dessa vez teve unicórnio ❤️🦄 ensaio de 1 aninho da pequena bibi ❤️

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Not now arctic puffin

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Back at it @vurify

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Rain drops slowly on the streets. cars drive past as he roams the city streets in search of something to live for. the tires moving past are ripping through the water, almost sounding like pieces of paper tearing apart. we revisit these moods, these dark days. we’ve smelled this smell before. we’ve felt this feeling before. we’ve heard this sound before. this is not unfamiliar to us, but it still stings. in the distance, stands someone stuck in the steam that rises from the street. amazing how we roam and think we’re looking at others, and we’re really just looking at ourselves. the work of street photography has shown me over and over again that i continue to photograph myself, that i continue to capture my feelings... i continue to gather the feelings of those who can’t find the words to express themselves. standing off, a man... seemingly torn between his own body. the smoke creates the illusion that he is more than one. torn between two thoughts, two worlds, two ideas, two perspectives.. more personally, a man stuck between the highs and the lows. the intense feeling that nothing is impossible, and the utterly sad feeling that life is worthless. he stands, feeling like he is god’s gift to the world, while simultaneously feeling like he is not good enough. torn between himself. he’s his own best friend. he’s his own worst enemy. he enjoys the company of many, but he hates to socialize. he loves being alone, but the silence kills him. but, he’s used to this.. he is used to the ups, the downs, the highs, the lows.. he is accustomed to sadness, but is also familiar with excitement that few experience. he creates because his mind runs a race with no finish line. he lacks sleep. but his productivity is up. his drive is unparalleled. he harnesses all of this, because... eventually.. he will crash and sleep will be his only companion and hope will be tough to grasp and peace will be hard to find. that is life with... bipolar.

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Queen of the palace. megan rented a traditional hanbok. as south korean adoptees, we were sent to our new family’s in america with a traditional hanbok. you might be wondering, ‘aaron, did you wear a hanbok too?’ the answer...yes, i did. i wore one last summer in south korea. check the second pic.

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Cada passo dado junto, cada olhar compartilhado, abre espaço para união cada vez mais profunda entre duas almas unidas em matrimônio e seladas com a promessa de amar um ao outro até o fim de suas vidas terrenas...

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Park street today ⛪ . . .


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P a t i e n c e in the s t o r m ✨💫

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Streets of hongdae | seoul

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@bryvnw city of stars, are you shining just for me?

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Life insurance is doing exactly what you like

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I’m blinded by the lights ✨

it’s been a crazy month with finals and prepping the end of a semester. i haven’t had the opportunity to edit a lot i really wanna thank a lot of you i still need to get pictures back to you! i will get everything done during my break! honestly huge s/o to @unknownalondra and @_.evolvethroughpeace._ for coming after the meet that @chi.shooters hosted.

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I’ve always considered myself a city girl. but over the years i’m starting to see my heart is being pulled toward the desert. i love it here. give me a prickly coat and let me mingle with my cactus friends. ☺️🌵 what is your favorite scape? city, desert, mountains, ocean?

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𝚆𝚒𝚕𝚍 𝚠𝚒𝚝𝚑 𝚢𝚘𝚞🚁🏔
as if you didn’t need more of a reason to elope/renew your vows/celebrate an anniversary on an adventure in alaska..... now you will be whisked away to a remote, beautiful location via helicopter where you will have one another in exclusivity, witnessed only by the quiet hush of towering mountain tops, or fields of glaciers, or hillsides covered in wild flowers and tundra grass. after your ceremony, you will fly to another panoramic location, to a carefully prepared sweetheart table setting complete with a gourmet lunch or dinner ~ to enjoy a
just-married (or other celebratory) meal together surrounded by the vastness of alaska’s natural landscape. what could be more romantic and epic than that?! - @wildheartsevents .
planner: @wildheartsevents
helicopter: @flyalphaair
hmua: @merakistudioak
florals: @wildpoppyak
cake: @pinkmoosecakes
gourmet cookie place cards: @jadebakesak
beer: @alaskanbrewing 🍺

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Back where i belong

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Volviendo con las sesiones de valencia 🙊 “también somos aquello que hemos perdido” @antoniacostea

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I’m just a tiny soul in seoul. 🇰🇷❤️

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I’m on the happiest place at earth 💫 #disneyland

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The crystal mill.
accessibility is generally what drives the popularity of certain locations. this is one of the most photographed places in the state of colorado, which is interesting considering the location. it’s not particularly close to anything, and the road in is extremely treacherous (i opted to hike it, as it’s more of an atv trail).
nikon d750 | tamron 15-30 2.8
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Solo dolo

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Walking san francisco & thinking out loud

when you live in the "sticks" san francisco looks like a dreamy place to visit .. . and it is! pictured is the historic waterfront of san francisco from treasure island

the tour guide with a camera whatsapp 1-415-980-0593
#beautifuldestinations #sanfrancisco #streetsofsf #earthpix #natgeo #wildbvayarea #awesomeearth #onlyinsf #natgeotravel #alwayssf #wildcalifornia #igerssf #ignorcal #mysanfrancisco #bayarea #neverstopexploring #bestofbayarea #california #discoverearth #agameoftones #artvisuals #optoutside #visitcalifornia #abc7now #sfgate

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Walking san francisco & thinking out loud
this is one of my fave cable car photos of 2019👌
sincere thanks for the likes and follows and comments!🤙 the tour guide with a camera whatsapp 1-415-980-0593
#beautifuldestinations #sanfrancisco #streetsofsf #earthpix #natgeo #wildbvayarea #awesomeearth #onlyinsf #natgeotravel #alwayssf #wildcalifornia #igerssf #ignorcal #mysanfrancisco #bayarea #neverstopexploring #bestofbayarea #california #discoverearth #agameoftones #artvisuals #optoutside #visitcalifornia #abc7now #sfgate

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