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👙🐠✨ 8 week summer shape up is live!!! ✨🐠👙
i’ll re-type what i did in my post last night to let you know all that you get and a couple extras that i decided to add in last minute 😉
what do you get?! 👇🏼
🐠 8 full weeks of training broken up into 2 phases
🐠 10 bonus workouts!
🐠 nutritional breakdown tips
🐠 how to carefully and properly calculate your own macros for this program
🐠 macronutrients 101
🐠 how to “treat meal”
🐠 supplementation advice (newly added)
🐠 grocery lists
🐠 how to master your own mind
🐠 a “5 minutes a day guide” to create a positive mindset every day
🐠 & there is an option to purchase the guide + nutrition coaching with me through out the entire program!!!! (new option — limited spots!!)
i will provide you with your own individual break down of macros so that the guess work is out of your hands! as well as weekly check-ins so we can continually re-evaluate and adjust as needed for you to reach your goals!
with this you’re going to be working hard each day but i promise you it’ll be worth that grind! all you need to truly succeed here is dedication to improving yourself & your best effort one day at a time!
i rly do genuinely care and want every single person to feel beautiful and confident in their own skin every day (not just for summer) because guess what — you deserve to!
thank you all so dang much for your continual love and support! 🖤🌍
it’s so cool to me that i somehow have been blessed with this platform that allows me to help, educate and inspire others to developing even better, stronger versions of themselves as i continue to do the same for me!
#wereallinthistogether -
the link to purchase is up in my bio if you are interested! happy wednesday have the best gosh darn day ever you beautiful people!! 💕👙🍹🌊🍉🐳🌞💜🎉

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Just work.

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It would be weird to do a review for matilda, so anyways, here goes...
i thought i had read matilda as a kid but lo and behold the guy with the book is the guy who hadn’t read matilda!
#theguywiththebookreview presents matilda
i can imagine so many kids reading this and wanting to become readers, i think a few people had pointed that out when i had talked about matilda earlier.
i’m warming up to the idea of regularly reading children’s books, it gives a nice break from the seriousness of my regular choices and is a nice reset to my reading.
one thing that is constantly on my mind while reading a children’s book is how would the experience of the book be if i read it out to my nieces and nephew. and matilda would make for a perfect story to read a little bit of every night to them, i can imagine them being excited to know what happens next! they are visiting next week, so i might just read it to them!
❗️would you want to revisit books you’ve read as a kid?

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Even anorexia couldn’t stop her from reaching her goals ‼️ true hero 💪 double tap for respect ❤
🙋‍♀🙋‍♂ tag a friend who needs motivation‼️
make sure to follow @fitness.extended .
📸credit: @nicola96521
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Taggate il vostro compagno infame 😂
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Had to get the juices flowing this morning after taking yesterday off- i was too sore to function 😖
i know what you’re cardio? yes. i did cardio today. there are exciting things in the works... stay tuned!

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Manchmal könnte auf plattformen wie insta der irrglaube entstehen, dass es bei anderen immer so riiichtig perfekt läuft und alles immer super nice und happy feet ist.
aber ehrlich gesagt habe ich noch keinen getroffen, bei dem das tatsächlich der fall ist. keinen. jeder von uns setzt einige sachen in den sand. der eine mehr, der andere weniger. die frage ist am ende nur wie wir damit umgehen.
jeder von uns kann und darf mal mad sein. sich zu fangen und neu weiterzumachen, ist dann eher die große hürde.
nicht zu glauben, dass nach dem tod irgendwas erlösendes folgt, hilft mir persönlich in den arsch zu treten.

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Good morning!!! feels great to be back in my routine. new york was awesome, italy was incredible, mexico was beautiful, but there's something about being home. unfortunately, i leave again friday 😂
doing my best to stay on top of my work and also staying on top of being active and eating right. knowing that i don't only represent myself, but i also represent a company, @1stphorm keeps me motivated to stay in shape 💪🏼
hope y'all are having a great week!!

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Hardwork always pays off!

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This is a marathon, not a sprint

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Believe in yourself, trust me you got this!!!

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🚨5 things to stop🚨
leave your past-self behind. quit the unnecessary things. become proud for yourself by improving. let your future self become thankful for what you are doing now! ~theunbrokenphysique~
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Throwback to when i was super shredded. i am currently on my cut and can't wait to show you all what i'm capable of, please stay tuned 💪😁

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Training before tanning, my only routines these days🤷🏽‍♂️🏝
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My goal has been to be even more shredded than this while packing on even more muscle. my final form should be achieved in the next few months as im on another super strict diet and insane training regime. stay tuned for my 2018 transformation!😁🔥🔥🔥

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Dependerá mucho de tu objetivo en cuál debes enfocarte, sin embargo, sin duda alguna la combinación de ambas es un elixir. recuerda, siempre es bueno constantemente variar las cosas en tu entrenamiento para evitar la adaptación y el estancamiento y continuar progresando.
el fitness no es difícil, nosotros te lo hacemos fácil #movimientofitstantaneo

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Rise of the aesthetics ⚜️
📸 : @svfotode

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R.i.p rich, you will truly be missed by many 😇💪

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Nová kráska ❤️ tuhle musíš mít!
new cutie ❤️ must have stuff! -------------------------------
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