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Dark knight m4! • follow @cruisingshades • • owner: @darkknightm4#darkknight #mpower #bmwm #m4 #bmwm4

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Here is some basic, no frills training. if you can't enjoy the basic monotony of training, then being an athlete or coach is not for you. beware of buzzwords and the latest trends as you trudge along the journey of self development. brands and organizations do a great job of making it seem like they've got the answers to all your problems, but rarely does anything ever amount up to the hype. just because something is called "functional" and/or "explosive" doesn't mean it's going to make you more functionally explosive. just because a coach works with olympians doesn't mean said coach can develop any non-olympian into an olympian. sometimes, an athlete's success has zero causal relationship to the actions of their coach. before spending thousands on your next big move, look to the basics. 1. am i regularly practicing the skills i want to improve? 2. am i doing anything to improve qualities which are foundational to the skills i want to develop? 3. am i doing enough? am i doing too much? 4. have i left out something basic (like fitness) or am beating a dead horse (like over-doing it on fitness development)? 5. are there repeating patterns in my actions or thoughts which tend to sabotage my progress? 6. am i always working to enhance my technique? 7. am i emotionally attached to outcomes and fearing failure? clean your own house before you hire someone else to do it. if you analyze your approach and you still need help, head on over to to see how i can help.

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Snow plow ❄ • follow @cruisingshades • • photo @jesasd via @audiloverr

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Sound on! lamborghini aventador on the dyno, love the sound and flames by @pogforever #petrolheadworld #lamborghiniaventador #aventador #dyno

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"write me a check and you can take it home," said the ford dealer. he's got jokes. #dreamcar #gtr #nissan #nissangtr #carspotter #goals #inspired #inspiration #motivated #motivation #v6 #djlife #speed #petrolhead #japan #accelerationation

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Stunning #huayra 📷: @madwhips_pag

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Até senti um arrepio huauhua #accelerationation #ferrari

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Super street x toyo tires or cars and coffee this saturday so i'll finally have more photos to post than just cars and croissants pics l**o

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"a twin turbo with 730 hp and 1000 nm of torque that perfectly complements the car giving a feeling that has motivated our research: that of the brute force of an airplane taking off." -horacio pagani

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Topless tuesday 😜 📷: @swiss_automotive

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That porsche carrera gt is sick by @aaltomotive #petrolheadworld #carreragt #porschecarrera #carrera

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Snow plow ❄ • follow @cruisingshades • • photo @jesasd via @audiloverr

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Dark knight m4! • follow @cruisingshades • • owner: @darkknightm4#darkknight #mpower #bmwm #m4 #bmwm4

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