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Today is my one year anniv of learning something about myself and then navigating it and knowing myself better because of it. live your truth before something forces you to re-examine it 🙏

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I’m batty for you.🦇 #ltdprintables #halloweenprintables

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A set of three #fiddleleaffig paintings sitting pretty 🌿 if you’re thinking about commissioning something for the holidays reach out sooner rather than later!
#customwatercolor #plantsofinstagram 📷: @brookeaho

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So yes ..... it is that time to plan plan plan 🙈 what to eat / what to see / what to buy .... no worries with our #llamadrama no #probllama #to do list 😁
also available on #etsynl ( see link in bio )
of ik wordt te oud of ik heb het te druk 🙈 maar ik gebruik onze to do blokjes elke dag 😋
foto gemaakt door @stylingandstuff .
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Who said three is a crowd? @brittanycutrone

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Appreciating each other’s white hair maybe?

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Having one of the best birthdays ever because y’all are blowing me up with orders! use code birthday30 to get 30% off nearly anything in the shop.

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My loves!!!
my heart is so full!!!
god has been so good to me!!!

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🍫calendar story🍫

jour 1 : c'est le décollage immédiat du pere noel !
un mois de chocolat pour patienter ...
un mois de route...
un mois de cadeaux à récupérer chez tous ses amis lutins !
les lutins ? ours, pingouins, renard, cerfs... tous s'activent pour ramener les cadeaux de vos kitchous ! •

24 cases ... 24 cases qui retracent l'itinéraire de papa noel, les forêts traversées, les obstacles rencontrés, ses amis lutins de la forêt, vous verrez ils ne sont pas tous très disciplinés ... ét parfois ralentissent papa noel dans ses objectifs !
pour se faire pardonner ils ont semé du chocolat tout le long de la route 💛

j'imagine cette histoire à l'image de forrest gump qui commence sa course seul et récupére plein de copains sur la route + l'histoire de la boite au chocolat on est bien dans le theme de ce film inspirant et touchant 💛

belle soirée les tchipous ! que de belles grosses journées à venir j'ai trop hate de continuer vos creas !
ét bienvenu au troisième calendrier de la saison 💛🙏🏼🐾 (quon verra mieux en gros plan quand la lumière reviendra demain) ! •

• • • •
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Putting the finishing touches on these babies for my spring release (and trying not to think about the deadline for these paintings 😱)
'proteas and fabric' (detail)
oil on panel, 20 x 25cm
available in november

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18 days ago they placed a sweet, smiley little baby in my arms. today i placed her in the arms of a family member and said goodbye.

yes, i’m sad. but i’m also grateful. that little girl made me a mom and made us parents. she made us believe we could do this. she gave us so many hours of laughing and snuggling (& washing bottles, omg). we signed up for this - the love and snuggles, the unknown, the intimate place in another family’s worst days.

we all sign up for for hard times, in search of joy. starting a business, committing to spend your life with another person, having children, putting your art into the world, all of these choices bring us discomfort and pain in hopes of more joy and love and fulfillment. knowing that we made the choice doesn’t make it less hard, but it does remind us that amidst all of the things we have no control over, we can keep choosing love. we can keep choosing hope. we can keep choosing to believe in our dream. we can keep choosing to be there for each other.

we’re going to be ok, friends. you’re going to be ok.

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Busy as a 🐝 working on christmas commissions... i only have 2 spots left due to the amount of work i’ll be cranking out for my christmas sale...⠀

click the link in my profile to book yours!⠀
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I can’t believe that boy that was in my sister’s belly for these photos is almost 7 weeks old! 😱 i’ve been sick with a cold for a couple days, and so i’ve been staying away from this little family to keep baby lincoln healthy! and i had a dream that by the time i was feeling all better, he was 9 months old! and then all the sudden he was 2 years old and running around. and i felt like i missed his whole life! 🙈 dreams are silly, but they feel pretty real. 😂 i’m thankful that i won’t be sick for that long and won’t have to miss his first 2 years, but at least it reminds me to treasure every day and moment, with him and all the people i love! days often feel like life is going by slowly, and then we look back and can’t believe a year has passed. i want to appreciate every day, even the days that i’m not feeling well, because this is still a day in my life that i’ll never get back! 💜

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