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Day 3 of my me, myself & i writing challenge was about one of the hardest sentences to say: i'm sorry.

you know how the song goes: 🎶 sorry is all the you can’t say. years gone by and still. the words don’t come so easily. like forgive me, forgive me…. it’s easy to demand an apology, but what happens when we have to give one?

on the 3rd day of the challenge, we wrote an apology letter that 🔻showed remorse
🔻offered an explanation (not an excuse, excuses deflect responsibility)
🔻acknowledged that we effed up

oh, and the best apology comes with a commitment to correct your behavior. 🤔
you can still join the challenge. hit the link in bio. #yeahwrite #writingchallenge #writersofig #writersofinsta #scribetribe #7daywritingchallenge #writeordie #writersworkshop #writerproblems #writergram

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We define who we are. not society. not the media. each and every one of us has the individual power to define ourselves. be you! define you! #7daywritingchallenge #day6 #instablogger #writersofinstagram #wordsofwisdom #wordstoliveby

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I struggled today. the sun went down on my mind and left my creativity in the dark.
i searched for the switch to turn on the light of inspiration. those attempts failed.
as the night consumed the day my glimmer of hope faded. i swung my arms frantically searching for an exit. no doors, no windows, not even a c***k for the slightest ray or beam to seep through to incite me. i exhausted my energy and finally fell still. i lost the fight. darkness prevailed. but silently and patiently i waited. after the darkest moment, suddenly came the break of day. #7daywritingchallenge #day5 #poetrycommunity #poetryofinstagram #writersofinstagram #creativewriting

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It goes on and off like a light 💡 switch. it’s not even a conscious thing. i mean it happens without true rhyme or reason but its always appropriate and on time. it fits the occasion. it adapts to the person. and those within proximity of it observe in amazement. close
friends and family are used to it. but still get a kick out of how fluid it transitions. it’s so smooth it can even happen in the same breath. people describe it as sometimes black and other times white. it can display roots that appear southern. yet it can have people wondering where it’s from. i remember the day my mother pointed it out to me. i had mixed emotions about it. denial, embarrassment, but eventually acceptance. it was what it was. it is what it is. my speech! my voice! the way i communicate.
i may say, “see what had happened was” or “please allow me to explain” or simply “see, about that..” #7daywritingchallenge #day4

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This sun ☀️ feels so good beating down on my face. the freshness of its purity.
yesterday’s shenanigans depleted my storage. i ate good. i drank even better. 😉 i embraced the ambiance and the experience as if i was 21. to which my body so rudely responds “hell naw chic”. 🙄 yet in my mind, no regrets. y.o.l.o. (you only live once) recovery is near.
in the mean time, this sun ☀️ feels so good beating down on my face. the energy it’s giving is refueling my soul. energy of life happiness and joy. yeeeaaasssss, i am full! i reminisce exposing a soft gentle smile. i’ll walk in around 10:30am still in a daze of bliss. when they ask, i’ll speak without conviction, “see about this...”. #7daywritingchallenge #day3 #writersofinstagram #instablogger #poetryforthesoul

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Who is the 🌟 of your show? hopefully, it’s you and not your representative, not someone you don’t recognize in the mirror. ———————————————————————————
are you brave enough to write about yourself for 7 days? during my me, myself & i writing challenge we’re going to get in touch with the star of our lives.
we’re going to:
😇share some truths. 😢write some apologies.
🤔reflect on the sweetest thing you’ve ever known, word to lauryn hill. 🤣laugh at ourselves (you see this photo of me? i have a head start on cracking up at my foolishness.)———————————————————————————
you don’t have to be a writer or an aspiring writer to join me. all you need are your stories. ———————————————————————————
we start tomorrow, sept 24th. join me. link in bio. 📸@meanjeanius #yeahwrite #writingchallenge #7daywritingchallenge #7daywritingblitz #writersofig #authorsofig #authorsonpurpose #tellyourstory #tellyourtale #bethestarofyourshow #bethestarofyourlife

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See, about this spread...i like to entertain🎉
to create a space of joy and peace
pretty of course, it has to be!
presentation is everything it’s the key 🔑
i’m a**l about. i mean clearly you can see👀

before you sip the drink i mixed 🍸
or even eat the food i fixed, 🍱
“you did this” 😲will be your line
i sure did. but i don’t boast. ☺️
i just pour your wine 🍷
we eat, we drink, we chit and chat
you say “let’s do this again” 🙏🏽
i say, “we’ll see about that.” 😉

thanks to my girl k.d. for spending the day with me yesterday. it was nice to catch up. until next time.. #whataspread #foodwasfire #cucumbermintmargatini #shrimpalfredo #spaghettisquash #bakedtoperfection👌🏽 #ummummgood😋 #laterpeeps✌🏽️ #seeabouttomorrowspost #staytuned #7daywritingchallenge #day2

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See about this. this here ig that is. people always seem shocked. “so you write? oh really🤔”. yes really people i do 🙄. but how would you know? i haven’t published anything since middle school. 🤦🏽‍♀️and yes the poem in my 8th grade year book counts. 😉 well i’m reconnecting with my inner ballpoint pen. i’ve been challenged to “publish” for seven days straight. and i’ll do so via this page. i call it insta-glogging (instagram blog in case you didn’t catch that). is that a real thing 🤔🤷🏽‍♀️. who knows the 7days might turn into weeks, months, even years of sharing my world in words. maybe you care. maybe you don’t. maybe you’ll enjoy it. maybe you won’t. but we will see about that🧐 ... #staytuned #seeabouttomorrowspost 🤔 #7daywritingchallenge #day1

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What started off as a personal, contained, 7-day writing challenge will now take on a new form and manifestation for the next 100 days starting on april 3rd. i’m super stoked to announce that i‘m participating in #the100dayproject this year (thanks to @jordynnd for telling me about it), where i‘ll write and share “100 days of shakti mantras” (many original and some taken from various hindu, vedic texts)! this project and action is especially perfect and special for me given my heritage, passion for feminism/women’s rights, as well as the positive influence that authors/poets/writers/songwriters (@rupikaur_, @cleowade, @lordemusic, @jackantonoff, @u2, @madamegandhi, etc.) have had on me through their words, lyrics, affirmations, and mantras.

i’d like to set the intention with you all of sharing the positive power of women, words, and art to inspire, empower, and cultivate your inner “shakti”, which in sanskrit and according to wikipedia means “power, ability, strength, might, effort, energy, capability...shakti is [also] the concept or personification of divine feminine creative power, sometimes referred to as ‘the great divine mother’ in hinduism. hindus believe that shakti is both responsible for creation and the agent of all change. shakti is cosmic existence as well as liberation.”

the support from my amazing family and friends during my #7daywritingchallenge this past week has been immeasurable and pushed me beyond what i thought was possible; 100 days is far more daunting, so the continued support would be 🙏🏽. i hope you tune in for your daily mantra, and if you miss a day, follow along with the hashtag, #100daysofshaktimantras.

📷 credit & design assist: @jorgempenalva
bracelet: @livelokai + @red (“find your balance ⚪️ mt. everest water ⚫️ the dead sea mud” / “join (red) & together we can #endaids”)

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Day 7 of 7: made it to the finish line of my personal challenge and women’s history month, with no one i admire more and who has always been by my side, my mummy. thanks for following along with me daily for the past week 🙏🏽. i hope the words inspired and comforted you. this is only the warmup... | #7daywritingchallenge #moretocome

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Day 2: it’s not about what women want; it’s about what the 🌍 needs. special s/o to @globalfundwomen for furthering these ideals in their mission, vision, values, daily. 💜 #7daywritingchallenge #day2 #womenshistorymonth .
#writer #writersofinstagram #writingchallenge #7days #timesup #girlpower #womanpower #femaleempowerment #empowerment #empoweredwomen #empoweringwomen #globalcitizen #globalcommunity #globalfundforwomen

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Day 5: hopeful romantics > hopeless romantics. #7daywritingchallenge |
we, as a society, shape the way
we talk about romance.
"hopeless romantics"
men and women, alike, are
mistakenly considered
idealists and
sentimental dreamers
in their standards of love.
but to me,
there's nothing foolish in expecting
and true love.
after all, are we so jaded
that those are merely ideals
that we consider forever dead?
if we give up chivalry,
will respect be the next to go?
instead, we should call them
"hopeful romantics"
for knowing
what kind of love they want
what they deserve
for expecting
reciprocity and for
not settling for less
than the bar they've raised.
they embrace hope and are full of it
and there's nothing hopeless about that.

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Sekolah itu asyik lho... setiap hari bisa ketemu dengan teman-teman, bapak dan ibu guru, mendapat pelajaran yang menyenangkan, dan banyak cerita seru 😉😁 .
karena sekolah juga merupakan salah satu sarana pendidikan untuk anak-anak generasi penerus bangsa, dimana setiap anak berhak mendapatkan pendidikan.

nah, tema hari pertama di #7daywritingchallenge ini adalah tentang .
👉 pendidikan anak 👈

yuk ibu-ibu peserta workshop, buat cerita singkat tentang pendidikan anak.
gaya bercerita bebas asal sesuai tema yang ditentukan 😊

kami tunggu cerita-cerita menarik tentang pendidikan anak.
jangan lupa sertakan hashtag 👇🏻
#cikaltouchdown #sekolahcikal #cikalsurabaya #cwday1
dan mention ke 👉 @kikadhersyputri dan

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You were red, and you liked me because i was blue
but you touched me, and suddenly i was a lilac sky
then you decided purple just wasn't for you.
- colors by halsey

p.s. here ends my 7-day writing challenge. sadly, i am 3 days late but it has been a good journey. to anyone reading this, i pass on the challenge to you.

#day7 #7daywritingchallenge #colors #watercolor #halsey #songlyrics #poetic #instawriter #instawriters #instawriterscommunity #writersofinstagram #writerscommunity #writersofig #writersnetwork #writerscorner #globalwordsmiths

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I feel like even body appearance is too focused on. i know i became a whole lot happier with my body when i started thinking of it less in terms of how it looked (to me or anyone else) and realized, 
my tummy doesn’t have to be cute. it holds my internal organs.
my thighs don’t have to crush men's skulls. i use them to carry myself.
my stretch marks don’t have to be tiger stripes i earned. they came when i grew.
my body doesn’t have to look awesome to be awesome. it’s awesome because it’s where i live.

photo credit: unknown

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Sadness can k**l people. it really does. ‘are you happy?’ it’s such a difficult question. i say yes, at times because i have friends, i laugh at jokes, i go on social media often. i go out sometimes. for many, my life isn’t as bad as it could be. a lot of people don't actively plan their own death but let's say if a car is rushing towards them, they don't know if they would move out of the way. they keep doing reckless things and can't find a reason to be careful. i know this feeling of being so quiet about pain, that others forget they you are hurt. but as they say, in the end, we are all just humans.
sketch credit: unknown
#day5 #7daywritingchallenge #sadness #real #pain #instawriter #instawriters #instawriterscommunity #writersofinstagram #writerscommunity #writersofig #writersnetwork #writerscorner #globalwordsmiths #kiranashraf

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