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i wanna help youuuu big head

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look how milky is his hand >< ©nbty_minhyun

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😁😁😁😁 we need more of like this kinda vids ^^ @glorypath @realbaekho

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minhyun with some variations of eye lenses. 😍😍😍😍😍

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joon park and lil baby jjun spotted in switzerland airport with fans
lil baby jjun will go homeee yay ^^ ©totheowner

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Daraxxi ig更新
jinghyunnie took photo for sandara nuna🤩
cr. on photo
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[news] nu’est jr kim jonghyun to go to ‘unexpected q’... loyalty with lee soogeun from night goblin

the mbc variety reps said jr is scheduled to join the recording on the 27th with leeteuk, ji sangryeol, defcon, and lee seokhoon. ©608jonghyun

uwaaaa another new varshow ><

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This pin just so cuteeeee

the nu'est japan lightstick just so pretty as well. ©astagged

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19.05.18 lens nine fansign ©augustnine
his skin so milky ><

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[#pic_jr] 💓💓😍😍💓💓 ©totheowner

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one thing that never change ?
his pure smile ©totheowner

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little jun , baby jun
we have new nickname for jrie ^^ ©totheowner

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minhyun .. staph.... >< ©augustnine

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this cutieeee puppy i wanna take him home ©jrhappiness

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the cast seen on the street shoot for #lookingfortrouble2 ©totheowner

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#lookingfortrouble2 🐢: at first i’m so worried but since the hyungs & noona are treating me well, i’m able to do filming comfortably.. (hiphop so cute)

parkjoon: when you see him back in kr, you’ll only spot his lower cheek area only that got darker as he always use cap

trans ©kjhhyunibugi

vid ©bugi_on_on

btw i just realize one thing .
all the cast are a rapper right? .
from joon park, sandara, eunhyuk, dindin and jr ?
they can collabs and gonna be a hit

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저화질과 발캡쳐에서도
살아남은 우리종현이 미모👍

누나 형들이랑 많이 친해진것같아 괜시리뿌듯😁
근데..종현이 혹시 번지점프한거니?ㄷㄷ😭😭 -
조심해서 와요❤️ -


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이쁜아 빨리와💕
종현이없는 한국은 너무 쓸쓸해😭
오자마자 또 떠나겠지만😂😂
일단 빤니9시30분 와라😢
보고싶어 현기증나니까 😁😁

#보고싶다 #그래도잘지내고있어서다행이야💕

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