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uwaaaaa the preview for weekly idol

they are soo handsomeee..i love the outfit the hairstyle and minki gaga is back
#who_you #dejavu #20180625_6pm ©bomangx

i am so dead over jr oppa yaaaa

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bugi >< ©baegopa_dongho

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his sincere smile ©astagged

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stan an angel ©pink_type

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dispatch twitter's header 😍😍😍 dispatch more like nuest w second agency lol

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20.06.18 wanna one depart from icn to usa for wanna one world tour also for kcon usa

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Imagine this is your room
and ur mom like ' i'm watching you ' lol ©sparkle_dh0721

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get excited with nuest w ©lul_ani

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his strong gaze >< #wannaone #reebok

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07.06.18 otw to mnet recording
kinda hard to find this hq :(_
only can find this ©tonton_wannaone

#wannaone #undivided

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17.06.18 at undivided fansign ©redcarpe_mh

#wannaone #undivided

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[#fanacc_minhyun] [180617 fansign] minhyun-ah who showed the best vocal tone again with lean on me! next time what song genre do you want to challenge?

1. hip hop 🦊✔️
2. indie & jazz
3. em
4. other

hip.. hop....?? ahhhhhhh 🙈 i want to see it. hip hop and rapper minhyun 😂

cr: @/ourmood_mh

trans ©fornuest0315

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180617 fansign

minhyun who won't be in sk for 3 monthsㅠ~ㅠ what should i do when i miss you?
🔘 look at pictures and videos and sob
⚪ lie down and stare into space ⚪ get back to real life and digently working
⚪ kindly and quietly wait (modest mode)
⚪ others
ouwwwww :____(...
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180617 fansign

how does minhyun think of himself?
⚪ pure
⚪ cute
🔘 has a lot of aegyos
⚪ sexy charisma

are u sureee lol
i may thick all the choices lol ©astagged

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180421 wanna one fansign
q. how did you meet up with the shiba dog “noah”? ✔️because guanlin wants to see a shiba dog
✔️because minhyun is curious of noah
this was old one but i still wanna share the moment he met noah ^^ ©astagged & trans ©realdefnik

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180616 sangam fansign

question: when i miss minhyun, what songs should i listen to so that i’ll feel better?
1. ☑️ forever and a day (영원+1)
2. day by day (보여)
3. light (켜줘)
4. others (suggest!!) & he wrote “paul kim - letter” ©astagged & trans ©jminhyuns

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[#fanacc_minhyun] [180617 fansign] who's idea was it for minhyun's solo performance showing abs at the concert?

1. me, minhyunnie 🦊✔️
2. company
3. kim jongkook
4. members (who? __ )

cr: @/pickoptimus
trans ©fornuest0315

we knew it was him tho :)

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180617 fansign

when does minhyun think you're the purest?
⚪ going to/from work with no make-up
⚪ on stage
⚪ after washing my face
🔘 i can't choose! i'm always (pure)!
⚪ others ©astagged .

minyeoni ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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I am in love with these drivers mommaaaa ©nuestroll.

my 3900 post goes to baekmin

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