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#카페일주일#광안리카페#일주일 워너원 황민현군이 광안리 카페 일주일에 다녀갔어요 🤘🏻
키도 크구 실물이 더 잘생기구 예의바른 아이돌이라니!!
늘 승승장구하길 🙏🏻💕

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친구 잘 둔 덕에 울 가게 놀러 온 워너원•뉴이스트 민현군
내 싸인도 받구 가게 싸인두 받구 싸인 두개나!!
누나라고 써준 착한 민현군 🤓
아줌마 되자마자 누나 소리 듣고 짱🤩 히히
착하고 잘생기고 예의바른 민현군 맨날 승승장구하길 🙏🏻
#황민현#워너원#워너원황민현#뉴이스트민현 #아이돌#싸인받았다#짱짱#고마워민현군 🤘🏻
#카페일주일#가게에걸어놔야지 😆💕

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Hoshi's surprised appearance ㅋㅋㅋ
bh: ooh!
rn: hoshi yah... hs: are you an agumon?
bh: im a chicken
hs: chi.. chicken? btw hyung?
rn: im a cavity
hs: cavity..? cavity? ㅋㅋ waahh, as expected the hyungs.. ah! jr hyung? (dinosaur) 😆

trans ©1woo17
vid ©yourworld615

hahaahaha hoshi. bae is a chicken but the colour looks like agumon xd

bae sung svt song with the chicken costume just the cutesttt


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ong: what's happening here?
mh: i'm about to get a drink but daehwi asked me to stay like this for awhile
dh: i like minhyun so much today
mh: what with this cutie

i wanna be dh so i can hug mh even for no reason lol.

trans ©amusingjonghyun

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The flag.
u leave the flag alone >< the manager nim work so hard brought the heavy costume as well.
and you all can imagine how to be inside it so hot and jr still do it so happily. . #김종현_생일축하해_같이걸어가 ©lovelee_eom

and he still turn his back omg jrieeee how not to love youuu

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