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Who would try this? 😱@training . #shredded_academy #jumper #dare #daredevil #aesthetic

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What does it look like to live from your heart? what is the mind’s role in our experience? in my 10 years of studying and practicing living from the heart, i’ve discovered an emerging trend: the spiritual community has made a demon out of the mind. there is no doubt that the mind is the source of suffering — the incessant thoughts and worries, the endless ego stories, the mental tricks we often play — but this doesn’t mean the mind as a whole is the problem, nor does this mean we should avoid the mind. it seems now that any form of thoughts, ideas, planning, logic, and so forth get put into the category of “not in the flow” or “being in the mind,” and this is simply a misunderstanding. i’ve seen people try to avoid their mind like the plague, to avoid thought, avoid processing, just because “the mind is evil” or other such misconceptions. so, let’s dive into how the mind works so we can better understand its true role. how our mind works in our experience you are a soul, playing out a physical experience on this planet. your soul enters a vehicle called the body that allows us to have a physical experience on earth. the body is made up of a number of essential parts including your brain, which is comprised of many components that ultimately serve to decode this reality into something that isn’t simply an energetic soup. it also allows us to process important aspects of the human experience, using things like logic and calculation so you can understand how to walk, run, jump, communicate, build, create, and so forth. your consciousness uses the mind as a tool in the human experience. click the link in our bio to read the full article 👆👆👆

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Iqos 2.4 plus รุ่นใหม่ล่าสุด มีสีขาวและสีน้ำเงิน ราคา 6500฿ สนใจสั่งสินค้าได้ มี 3 เครื่อง ของถึงไทย 23 ต.ค.

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صباح الخير ✨ قهوة الكندر☕️ . ٢كندر 🍫 . كوب حليب سايل 🥛 . ملعقه صغيره نسكافيه🥄 . ملعقه كبيره شكولاته نسكويك 🥄

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This is so beautiful

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🔥testimoni berjaya🔥 . nak kurus tapi malas bersenam dan diet ketat? anda wajib cuba lemonex ! . dm admin sekarang untuk keterangan lanjut tentang lemonex ! ! . jom folo kami rapat2 sebab nak update foto org bjaya kurus hari2 nanti . dm @lemonex_kl_selangor dm @lemonex_kl_selangor dm @lemonex_kl_selangor atau wasap lemonex hantar ke 011-14394448

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อร่อยมาก 😘😘 ขอบคุณแม่ครัว @taulek รูปรวมก็ไม่มี @cj_piya @pukaii @faaiinichanun @theetada @nammwann มากันอีกนะ 😘😘 #ดีต่อใจปุณ #ก๋วยจั๊บญวน

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My new favorite spot @harbourdancecentre 💃

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👊👊👊'결혼의판타지에가득한소녀' 역할을 맡았습니다 🤣🤣@supercommab #서울패션위크 #슈퍼콤마비

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De verdad?! ya son 7 meses?!!! 😱❤️ estás seguro de que eres del planeta tierra?.... 🤤 todas tus imperfecciones te hacen el hombre perfecto que siempre soñé, eres mi principe de todos los colores que puedan existir 🤤. es increíble que no tenga una respuesta cada vez que me preguntas si hay algo en ti que no me agrade....🤤 gracias por llegar a mi vida @msarraffb no tengo como darte las gracias por tanto amor, ternura, detalles, carcajadas, comprensión, ñoñería, mongoladas y todo lo estupido y lindo que adorna está relación que solo dios unió.❤️ . te amo con mi respirar, este amor que siento por ti crece con cada palpitar de mi corazón 😍. . mi bendición del cielo #dulcitodecoco

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Marilyn monroe, 1953

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Dear @stjude and @mlregan, thank you for this incredible experience. i'm so inspired by everything you're doing. ❤️ please visit my ig stories to see it all!!

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Estos son los #5momentoseh para este 17 de octubre. ampliación de estas y muchas más noticias en (enlace en el perfil).

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👩🏼💅 #blonde #salao. 😀agora mimi tenho aula cedo dia e noite 7 período 😅

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What is your favorite album to travel to?

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