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With the real working class hero ndx a.k.a familia. gonna share the stage with them soon. #20thshaggydog #bersinarbersama #sayang #ndxakafamilia

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Sale is almost over! put your order on layaway and lock in your price 🖤✨

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"so much history in this grateful for the opportunities that have come my way....looking forward to a new year and new accomplishments. make sure ya'll tune into @nbcsnl this saturday!!!" 📸: @kevinhart4real #regram #snl

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این گیاه داروویی قاتل چاقی و چربی های دور شکم می باشد💪💪

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ในวันที่คุนต้องเลือก..คุนจะเลือกอะไร 🤣🎆

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Live and let die 💋#ปีศาจ #โรงเหล้าสำราญ #หนองคาย #tonoandthedust #tonight

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밖에 너무 추워 !!!!!!!!!! +한살더하기 😇

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Home for the holidays! welcome back sergeant sullivan! #hoopsfortroops #thisiswhyweplay

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Embrace traditions whilst showcasing your own personal style with the april look from our 2018 calendar ‘diverse beauty’. make-up: tara moghaddam. photo:jayesh pankhania. styling: @joeybevan. hair: sdb hair team. set design: @lyndonogbourne. #mua #kryolancalendar2018 #diversebeauty

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#life is better with #friends. #cga #gobears! #newlondon #ct #uscg

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Talk about the perfect #holiday eye look! this silver smoky eye is the beauty look you want to recreate for this holiday season! || @maryamremias #ipsy

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Double tap your choice 👀 comment what you picked 👇 (via @hoopdispute) #basketballvines

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はっ!12月も残り半分⁉️🐶💦 色々たまってるからとりあえずかぶってみた😜 daifuku became a squirrel🐿 #2018柴犬だいふくカレンダーと手帳発売中 #urlはプロフィールにあるよ #lineスタンプと着せかえ販売中 #ブログも更新したよ

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You have the power to change anything . we make up excuses day in and day out about things we don't like about ourselves ...our situations ...our careers ... or whatever it may be. however ....... you have the power to change it. it sounds easier than done ... i know .. when you stop looking at your situation as hard/difficult and starting doing rather than complaining... that's the start to a new beginning... let's start today ! let's start now .. #youhavethepower 👊🏽

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@teenagestepdad 💪💯⚔️

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"non ho mai scritto cose mie" nicole si confronta con roberto casalino su un possibile inedito 🎤 #amici17

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Hermoso tu trabajo y te admiro mucho 🤗 @dianapinopalau

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@armadasubjekt ・・・ @erickmorillo and @carlcoxofficial making sure they're following our armada subjekt spotify playlist 😜 you should do the same, link in bio.

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