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Lose for words today. 1996 mr. olympia. 2nd place @shawnrayifbbpro and champion @thedorianyates. details. #dorianyates #shawnray #olympia #bodybuilder #bodybuilding #bethebiggerperson #thisisbodybuilding

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I don't recommend standing in traffic to get the shot but then again i couldn't have taken this without aderson and kookai my great guides from destination asia bravely protecting me from stray tuktuks! #amazingthailand #thailandinsider

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Lusting over the lushness! 🌿 #opiiceland shade #kronalogicalorder

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Remember this super cute set? well, it's on sale! shop the elliot set, only $39. we just added 50+ styles to sale, check it out 😘 #muraboutique #flatlay

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Making that wind work in today's blog post haha💨! i don't know if i have ever gotten more compliments on a dress while wearing it than with this was a hit! and it comes in black and white as well, and is on sale for $46! go to my insta story or blog to shop!

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Follow 🎥 @home.exercises for at home workouts 👙 @home.exercises 👟 @home.exercises 👙 @home.exercises 👟 @home.exercises

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No creemos 🙆🏻‍♂️

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I am 1 of them 🤦‍♀️

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Fresh materials hit the clutch @adidasoriginals precurved dad hat! pick up both colors now at champs!

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Public service announcement! (instameet!) i wanted to give people plenty of time for this one ... i'm hosting an instameet with @jewelszee in bangalow on the 2nd september for the @ausmacadamias festival! it's a 9:00 am start at the centre ring, bangalow showgrounds or check out @ausmacadamias for the promo post. come pick my brain and eat macadamias with me! 😍😍🙈 #ausmacadamias ... and now back to my breakfast in eurobodalla, shots coming soon. x*x

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Change your life @hextie extended 90% off + free mystery gift shop:

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La flexibilidad que necesitan tus viajes. #ultrarange

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Ainda não é natal mas mariah carey apareceu praticamente árvore de natal em seu instagram para mostrar que ninguém brilha mais que ela ✨✨✨✨💫 diva é diva, né amores?!

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Watching @bosslady_ent dance videos like 😏💃🏽

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Weed you? shop with us online and save 20% when you subscribe at checkout! 👌🌲 (, tap link in bio to order) @cannapeopleshop . . . . . . . #cannapeople#high#stoner#weed#kush#dank#marijuana#420#cannabis#highlife#hightimes#maryjane#smoke#thc#wakenbake#legalize#blaze#bud#highsociety#baked#ganja#dispensary#highaf#pothead#reefer#colorado#washington#dope#litladies#florida

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พายุฮาโตะเข้าhkละ ฝนตกหนักลมพัดแรง เลยอดลงไปกินโจ๊กกับนำ้เต้าหู้เลย นอนต่อดีกว่า #นอนฟังเสียงลมพายุพัดต่อ #kaisamapolprinceofjourney #teebirthdaytrip2017

comment 3 star 261 3 hours ago

Meytal x singapore vlog is en route! good times were had, and now we shall all get to re-live it (minus 100% humidity and some overly inflated hair). coming soooooon…. 😚

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Fact: these aren't your typical wedding photos. tap the link in our bio for more memories captured by brooklyn-based wedding and portrait photographer @ambergressphotography. #sodomino

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