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O filme é bom, o ator é ótimo, mas esse som é espetacular!!! 😎✌🏼💥 movie credit: the goodfellas

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If you've ever seen 'glitch' please dm me on @l0tsabraids_ !! -wen photo by @alexjhoeller | #bleachmyfilm

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Iced green tea please 😇💛

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Fancy a little teaser of our october #beautyloop boxes? they've had a very special neon makeover and contain full size products to celebrate our 20th birthday! 😵😵 landing 25.10.17, don't miss the party beauty junkies - these #mecca20 boxes are seriously limited-edition! more on insta stories. #meccabeautyjunkie

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Fotoğraf © @zekiseferoglu

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Keep calm and #meow on! tag a fellow #kittycat. 🐱 #catsofinstagram

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Yang kangen pantai mana suaranya, gaya menikmati pantai zaman now! 😍😍. . loc : pantai watu kodok, banjarejo, tanjungsari, gunungkidul. photo by @fandiryan #wonderfuljogja #jogja24jam

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Мой мозг на сложной контрольной:

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Kris wu is what they call a 'triple threat:' the singer, actor and now ambassador for brands as varied as burberry and mcdonald’s has gone from k-pop boy band member to bona fide superstar with unparalleled influence over china’s millennial market. what makes him so popular to fans and brands alike, and how is he leveraging his influence? read the full story now on [link in bio] #kriswu #burberry #fashion #style

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Let's join this cause. speak up. even if you have to open an anonymous account. but raise your voice. lower the statistic. got to @milano_alyssa page and comment if you have been a victim of s****l assault. // unite a esta campaña. levanta la voz aunque tengas que abrir una cuenta anónima. el cambio empieza con nosotros. #speakup #sexualassault #sexualabuse #nomoresexualassault

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Gaya gayaan😂 @pinkands

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พลังใจ 🙏🏻 ทรงพระเจริญ

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ㅤㅤ 뉴트로에서 보내주신 사료가 왔어요~ 이번에 뉴트로 고양이사료가 ‘청정 자연식’으로 리뉴얼 되었네요. 뉴트로 후기를 검색해봤는데 설사를 잡아주는 사료로 이미 유명하더라구요. 저희집에선 긤이와 참외가 종종 무른변을 보고 있어서 사료 고민이 많았는데 실제로 보니 알갱이가 기름기가 적어서 턱드름으로 고민인 애들이나 장이 예민한 애들에게 좋을 것 같았어요. 사실 몇년동안 엄청 좋고 대단하다는 사료도 많이 먹여보고 지켜봤지만 사료라는 것이 정답이 없고 워낙 케바케라서 결국은 먹여보고 직접 변을 확인하는 것이 답이겠지요! 저 역시도 아직 사료 유목민이지만 그래도 후기에 이걸로 설사를 잡고 정착했다는 분들이 많이 계셔서 믿고 줘보려구요. 다행히 네 마리 모두 기호성은 일단 합격!! 떨리는 마음으로 예쁜 맛동산을 기대해봅니다.☺️ #cat #토토상회 #냥스타그램 #고양이사료 #뉴트로 #뉴트로청정자연식 #감사해요뉴트로 #굳똥길걷자

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Ballerific comment creepin -🌾👀🌾 #jesshilarious #hazele (swipe)

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Bombay, come get your diwali/festive shopping on! we open at 1 till 7 pm! 703 makhija royale sv road khar. #readytopickup #diwalipopup #perniaspopupshop @perniaspopupshop @perniaspopupstudio

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From @tekhron: "Мой домашний зоопарк)))" #catsofinstagram

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Definitely one of my favourite outfits ❤️ @calvinklein @rafsimons #styledbyderekho

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